hey there delilah

a girl named delilah seems to have to perfect life according to her mom but only her and her twin brother (ashton) know what goes on behind closed doors. delilah's step father has been raping her since she was twelve. she's cut and even attempted suicide her and her brother finally decide to move with their dad and what happens will be a mystery


2. chapter two

        "hey honey i made your favorite meal" my mom said walking over to me with her pregnant belly and plopping a scoop of mac&cheese on my plate. i had ten nuggets and only ate three. and barely half of the mac&cheese. i ate in silence while my family talked and giggled. 

"hey sweetie your awfully quite tonight, are you ok?"

"oh yeah just feeling sick"

"oh, i need to make your doctors appointment"

"may i be excused please?"

"yeah" she sighed. 

i walked up into my room. i had my 'anti depressants' and 'anxiety' pills in a box with a spoon and cough syrup. i plugged my ipod into the doc. and put cough syrup on.


"lifes to short to even care at all,im losing my mind losing my mind losing contorl"

Ashton knocked on my door then walked in.

"um delilah what are you doing?"

"just one more spoon of cough syrup, right ash" 

i took a spoonful and swallowed it. he came and sat next to me

"look, delilah i know your upset and everything but please, dont go through with this i need you" 

just then paul walked in.

"delilah lets go for a ride" he said smirking. i looked at ashton about to cry.

"oh paul, we have a project she needs to stay here" ashton said. 

paul sighed and slammed my door. he came and sat next to me again

"delilah i know how you feel but please i need you"

"it just feels like it would be better to end my life."


just then i got a text from my dad. (we would randomly text)

"hey delilah, its dad. can you babysit Mia this weekend?"

"sure dad, id love to" i sent back. 

then it hit me. he's always calling for me to babysit, i could just live with him. i stood up and called him.

"hey daddy, can i come stay with you for a while. i cant saty here anymore" i said tearing up

"sure, ill pick you up in ten"


i ran downstairs and told my mom everything. of course she wanted to send me away to help but i disagreed.

i was packing my bag when ashton walked in. i could tell he was crying

"ashton what's wrong?"

"im gonna miss you delilah"

"come with me, please dad misses you"

he looked at me then at his feet. 

"i dont know delilah,"

"please ash please"

he went to his room and then came back with a suit case


(skip to dads arrival)

"ASHTON DAD IS HEEEEERRRRREEEEE" i screamed running down the stairs

i ran into my dads arms and hugged him. ashton came running down and we jumped in the car, eager to get to his house. 




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