hey there delilah

a girl named delilah seems to have to perfect life according to her mom but only her and her twin brother (ashton) know what goes on behind closed doors. delilah's step father has been raping her since she was twelve. she's cut and even attempted suicide her and her brother finally decide to move with their dad and what happens will be a mystery


1. chapter one

     hi, my name is delilah, and i have a twin brother ashton. he has blondish brownish hair like my mom, while me on the other hand have straight brown hair like my dad. we both have hazel eyes my dad and mom got a divorce when me and ashton were 10. she found a new husband paul. i'm currently 16, but when i was 12 my step-dad raped me on a "camping trip" i never ever told me mom, she was madly in love with him and i didnt want to ruin it. i thought it would be a one time thing, but it turned to be a once in a while then once a month to twice a week. 


       (flash back) 


    "hey delilah, wanna go on a camping trip?" my step dad paul asked

"is ashton coming?"

"nah, just me and you"
"i dont know,..."

"c'mon it'll be fun"


i went up into my room and and packed my bag (me and ashton shared a room)

ashton came walking in and looked at me curiously 

"where ya going?"

"on a camping trip with paul,"

"am i coming?" "no" i sighed we never went anywhere without eachother

'Oh ok" 

he gave me a hug and me and paul left. i fell asleep on the way there and when i woke up paul was setting up the tent. and i hopped out of the car.

"goodmorning sweetie" he said while kissing my forehead which creeped me out. 

"where gonna have fun delilah is that ok?"

"i guess" i said confused


he threw me into the tent and stripped my clothes off. all that went threw the woods that weekend where my whimpers.



ashton knocked on my door

"you ok delilah?" 

"yeah" i said snapping out of my thoughts.

"ok mom said dinners done" he said walking downstairs 

i was finishing thinking about my shit life and how dying would be better. lets see how tonight goes,..... then ill decide if i should or not.


**sorry if this is  sucky chapter! if i put the other in it would be TOO long haha but i hope you like it***










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