hey there delilah

a girl named delilah seems to have to perfect life according to her mom but only her and her twin brother (ashton) know what goes on behind closed doors. delilah's step father has been raping her since she was twelve. she's cut and even attempted suicide her and her brother finally decide to move with their dad and what happens will be a mystery


5. chapter five

  "i just heard you singing my favorite song" he smiled and blushed alittle

"oh, 'hey there delilah? its my favorite song as well"

"so beautiful whats your name"

"actually its delilah" i smiled and giggled alittle

"your not messing with me are you?" he had a big smile on his face

"nope! im serious my names delilah"

he smiled making me feel warm inside.

"my names louis, do you want to sit on the bus with me?"


about five minutes later the bus pulled up. he grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the bus

"i dont like being seen so i sit back here"

i was confused. why didn't he want to be seen? he was amazing looking! and was a really sweet guy. me and him sat on the bus singing hey there delilah and other good songs. we pulled up at another bus stop and these two big jock looking guys came over

"aww look the faggot found a very sexy girl for me" the bigger one gigled.

i felt my face get red. but not blushing. red with anger 

"dont talk to him like that!"

"aww you dont know he's gay?"

"no hes not" i was so angry

"whatever" hes eyes traveled down to my chest.

"look asshole my eyes are up here! dont mess with me OR louis"

"show me hes not gay"

i grabbed louis' face and planted a kiss on his lips. he seemed shocked at first but went with it. the jocks stared and look really pissed. i pulled away from louis

"now leave us alone assholes"

they got up and went somewhere else. before i could apologize to louis they bus pulled up to school and we got off. it was before first period he took my phone and put his number in.

"text me sometime ok" he walked off and i walked into the class

the teacher was rambling on about some crazy mythology stuff so i took out my phone and texted lou 

to: super lou ;D

hey sorry about the kiss, i only did it so those jerks would leave us alone

i hope i didnt get him in trouble by texting him. i felt my phone vibrate.

From: super lou ;D

its ok i actually liked it, but thanks for sticking up for me :*

to: super lou ;D

btw i loooovvvee the name 

i giggled to myself. the bell rang signaling it was time to switch

***** lunch time******

louis walked up to me quiet fastly too. 

"sorry if i made you feel awkward about saying i liked the kiss"

"no i liked it too" i giggled and blushed 

"ok sooo do you eat lunch?"

"not really, why?" 

'follow me"

he took my hand and led me to what looked like an abandoned hallway. it was darkish and pretty creepy looking. he pushed me up against the wall and pushed his face against mine. the kiss lasted for a while. he pulled away and smiled a big smile.

"just uhh returning the kiss you gave me earlier" he blushed

the bell rung and we went off to our next class which for me was P.E but he had art. 


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