hey there delilah

a girl named delilah seems to have to perfect life according to her mom but only her and her twin brother (ashton) know what goes on behind closed doors. delilah's step father has been raping her since she was twelve. she's cut and even attempted suicide her and her brother finally decide to move with their dad and what happens will be a mystery


4. chapter 3

       we were in my dads car and "hey there delilah" came on. one of my favorite songs.


"so ashton, how are you and misty ?" my dad asked

(misty is ashtons girlfriend who cheated on him)

"oh, she cheated on me a couple months ago..."

"aww i'm sorry man"

"its Ok dad you didn't know"

we pulled up in the drive way and saw my dads wife and daughter.

(ally the daughter=2,  Rene the mom)

i saw one of my dads neighbors standing outside with my step-mom. i grabbed my bags and walked inside. when i walked back out he was gone and everybody was going back inside.

"oh kids i enrolled you into the high school, i figured your gonna be here a while" he smiled

Ashton had a big smile on his face

"ohhh yeah new girls" we all started laughing

i grabbed my stuff and went to bed.


(next morning)

"Dia, Dia wake up" ally as sitting on my bed (with the help of her mom)

i sat up and walked over to my dresser. Rene took ally and walked into Ashton's room. i threw on my teenage mutant ninja turtle shirt and some high waisted shorts. i plugged my earphones in and put "hey there delilah" came on. i walked to the bus stop and started singing. i felt a tap on my shoulder and jumped.

"oh i didnt mean to scare you" his blueish greenish eyes stared into mine.

"oh its ok" i blushed

"i just heard you singing my favorite song"


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