The Bitch from Hell.

Liberty Night. A girl who you may think is normal, preppy, and, well, a bitch, exceeds you expectations. Liberty is a downright punk-rock badass. She is literally from hell, and to top it off, she is the daughter of Lucifer. What will she do when she meets a murderous killer known by all?


1. Liberty Night

          My name is Liberty Night. My best friends call me Libby.  My age is about 5,000 the size in number of any human, but human form I am 14 years old. I also am a vampire/werewolf mix.  In my wolf form, I am 70,000 years old. Vampire form, I am the same age. I am the alpha of my pack. We have over 100 members. I guess you could call me a hybrid of sorts. I am also a computer nerd and I love hacking other people's computers. I'm the person that you call when you forget your password for something. I have a 4.0 GPA in the sorry excuses for schools.


          I have been to at least 20 different schools, some more than once. Each one worse than the next, and as I attended them over time, they become easier to blend in. I graduated once again, yesterday, and look forward to summer before I have to start over, this time in a new location. But this is where it all starts.

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