Niall's Sister

Niall and the boys finally have a quick break so they decide to go back to Ireland to see Niall's family. But what will happen when they meet Niall's sister Heather and her four best friends that all love One Direction!?!?!


3. Movie Night

Chapter 2

When we got to my room we sat on my bed and started talking. (Heather-H Sydney-S Hannah-Ha Nikki-N Grace-G everyone-E)

H-so did anything happen between you guys

N-well Niall was so sweet and gave me a huge hug and spun me around

Ha-Louis gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead

S-Zayn gave me a hug but it lasted a lot longer then a normal hug

G-Harry gave me a hug and said he wanted to talk later!

H-Liam gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that he missed me to infinity and beyond

E-Awwwww! They are so sweet!

H-Let's go back downstairs so they don't get suspicious


When we got downstairs the boys and my parents were sitting around watching tv. We all decided to go out for dinner. We ended up going to Nandos of course. When we got back we decided to have a movie night. While the girls and I went upstairs to change into some pjs the guys picked movies and got food and blankets ready. When we got downstairs the boys were spread out across the room waiting for us. So we all sat down. This was the seating.

Harry Grace Louis Hannah Zayn Sydney Liam Me Niall Nikki

I wondered what movie they picked but I guess so did the other girls because we all said something at the same time. (Girls-G Boys-B)

G-so what movie are we watching first

B-you'll see

So the movie finally started and they had it on Paranormal Activity. The guys all grinned while the girls and I shouted no and asked them to change it. Of course they said no so we all decided to get comfy. All of sudden Liam whispered in my ear and said "if you get scared don't worry I'll be here to protect you". I blushed and told him ok. Halfway through the movie all the other girls have their heads buried into the guys chest scared out of their minds. But I'm not but I'm almost there I'm practically sitting on Liam with his arms wrapped safely around me. All of a sudden something extremely scary happens so I jump and hide my face into Liam's chest and he just chuckles and whispers in my ear "it's ok the boys and I are right here nothing is going to happen" and other sweet, soothing words. I felt so safe in his arms.

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