Niall's Sister

Niall and the boys finally have a quick break so they decide to go back to Ireland to see Niall's family. But what will happen when they meet Niall's sister Heather and her four best friends that all love One Direction!?!?!


9. First concert

Chapter 8

A/N hey guys it's Heather can you guys please leave comments for ideas on what to write??? I'm starting to get writers block for this story! Thanks!

We just got to the concert and the boys were rushed away to get ready for the show so the girls and I decided to look around. We got a little lost but it was really fun and soon the show was starting and we were all standing on the side watching. It was such a good show when all of the sudden all the boys started talking about us and all the fans went crazy. Before I knew it I was in the middle of the stage with my four best friends, my brother, my boyfriend, and their three band mates. I was in complete shock and when I looked over at the other girls they were too. Suddenly Little Things starts playing and all the fans scream while Liam walks over to me and the rest of the guys walk to Hannah, Nikki, Sydney, and Grace. I was so excited and so ecstatic about Liam serenading me. When they got to his solo everyone was staring at us as he sang to me. I could feel every word he sang to me and I knew he truly meant it. Before he finished his solo I was in tears. As soon as he finished his solo and before he started the chorus he took my hand a gave it a kiss like a true gentleman. They continued the song and by the end of it the girls and I were all in tears. We gave them huge hugs and they returned it with a kiss. We all blushed and hurried off the stage. As soon as the concert was over with the guys changed and we decided to go back to the tour bus and order a pizza. After we ate and everything we decided to call it a night.

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