Niall's Sister

Niall and the boys finally have a quick break so they decide to go back to Ireland to see Niall's family. But what will happen when they meet Niall's sister Heather and her four best friends that all love One Direction!?!?!


10. chapter 9

Chapter 9

As I fluttered my eyes open I saw the bright light of the sun shining through the window and so I decided to close my eyes again and snuggle back into my soft warm pillow. But when I went to snuggle I felt something hard and what I saw was that my pillow was my wonderful boyfriend, Liam. I decided that I would let him sleep since he had a pretty long night last night and felt my eyes flutter closed. When I woke up again Liam was still beside me but my head was resting on his lap while he played with my hair. I turned to look up at him and he stared down at me with the biggest smile on his face ever! I was so happy to see him happy because he just lightens up everything about me. Then I remembered that out 1 month anniversary was coming up in a week and I still hadn't gotten him anything. At that thought I jumped up from his arms gave him a quick kiss and told him that I'd be right back and that I was going to shower. When I left I went to shower and change and I got dressed into cute blue jeans with a t-shirt from when I used to play volleyball. When I walked out I saw the girls sitting around without Liam so I told them that I needed to go shopping for his anniversary present and they all agreed to come with me to get his present. So after they were ready we left a note in the kitchen saying we were out and would be back soon. We went to the mall and ended up getting Liam some cologne, a new phone case, and a fifty dollar gift card to Jack Wills. We were very happy with what we got him so we decided to go out for lunch. When we finally decided on where to go we went to Olive Garden and had the salad and soup lunch special. When we were done we went back to the tour bus to find all the guys except Liam sitting around....

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