Niall's Sister

Niall and the boys finally have a quick break so they decide to go back to Ireland to see Niall's family. But what will happen when they meet Niall's sister Heather and her four best friends that all love One Direction!?!?!


4. Are they dating???

Chapter 3

I heard the sound of people taking pictures and awwwing. When I opened my eyes I saw all the girls with all the guys except Liam right above me smiling. I groaned and snuggled my head into what I thought was my pillow. But my pillow wouldn't feel so hard so I looked up at it and realized I was cuddled up sleeping next to Liam with his arms around me. I blushed and went back to sleep in his arms.

When I woke up again everyone was out of sight except Liam my head was in his lap and he was playing with my hair. When he realized I was up he looked down at me and smiled. We finally got up and it was 11 am so we got ready and decided to go bowling for a while and go out for dinner. Everyone went bowling with us and of course I lost but it's ok because the rest of the girls beat all the guys. When we got home from bowling and dinner the guys said they needed to talk to us. (G-Girls B-Boys)

B-ok so in one week were going back on tour


B-don't worry there's a surprise you're coming with us

G-OMG yay it's going to be so much fun we've got to start packing

A week later

The girls and I were sitting in the living room while the boys were out at a meet and greet. We decided to have a girls day since we haven't hung out as much with the boys around. So we got ready and went shopping. When we got to the mall we decided to go to Delia's first. We all came out with three bags then decided we should keep going so at the end of the day we ended up with tons of bags and we went to over 10 stores. On the way home we stopped at Starbucks and we all got cotton candy frappuccinos. When we got home we saw the guys and they all stared at us wide eyed and jaws dropped. We explained that we had gone shopping and they were shocked at how much we had spent. We just laughed and went up to my room to talk. (H-Heather G-Grace N-Nikki Ha-Hannah S-Sydney E-everyone)

H-so how are things going with the boys??

G-great when Harry said he needed to talk to me he went above and beyond. We went on a walk in the park and had dinner then he gave me a single red rose and asked me to be his girlfriend. I immediately said yes.

E-awwww that's so sweet of him

G-haha yep but what about you Sydney I see the way you and Zayn look at each other.

S-yeah he took me to his art room one day and showed me all the different things he's drawn then he removed a big white sheet from the other side if the room and it was a picture of me and him with will you be my girlfriend around it. So of course I said yes.


S-yes he's so sweet but what about you Hannah? You and Louis seem to hang out all the time.

Ha-well he's really sweet and funny he took me to the water park and then asked me while we were on the lazy river. It was so romantic it felt like we were the only people there.

E-that's so cute

Ha-thanks guys but Nikki you and Niall seem to always be out what's going on???

N-well he took me to Nandos and he got me the peri peri chicken and had the sauce with it ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. It was so sweet and creative. Heather are you ok with him and I dating??

H-of course I am if anyone would date Niall I'm glad it's you. Just don't break his heart.

N-I would never do that but how are things going with you and Liam??


H-(blushes) well we aren't official but he is so sweet the day you guys saw us sleeping on the couch and I woke up again he was the only one still there and he let me have my head in his lap and he was playing with my hair. Plus he said during the movie that it was ok and he was there to protect me. So I hope something happens.

E-awwwwww you guys are so cute he needs to hurry up and ask you out. Then we will all have boyfriends!

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