Niall's Sister

Niall and the boys finally have a quick break so they decide to go back to Ireland to see Niall's family. But what will happen when they meet Niall's sister Heather and her four best friends that all love One Direction!?!?!


7. After the date

Chapter 6

We got back to the bus to find everyone out to dinner except for Zayn and Sydney. They were asleep on the couch of course. We both carried our friends to their rooms before we settled on the couch and decided to watch a movie. After a few minutes of debating we decided to watch Pitch Perfect. We were snuggled up on the couch watching the movie when halfway through the movie everyone ran into the bus. Liam and I told them to shut up because Zayn and Sydney were sleeping and that shut them all up because they all knew if you woke either of them up you would lose some bones. They all looked at us and how close we were and smiled and cuddled around us watching the movie with us. At the end of the movie we realized the bus was moving and the girls dragged me away to talk AGAIN! We all headed to Hannah's room to talk. When we got there they all started to question me but I just told them to be quiet so I could tell them. After I told them about our wonderful date they all awwwd at Liam's cuteness and we decided that tomorrow was going to be an all girls day. After that we all went to our separate rooms. One the way I saw Niall sitting on the couch so I walked over to him. (N-Niall H-Heather)


H-hey how are things going with Nikki

N-great she's so amazing I wish I had met her earlier

H-Niall you did meet her earlier I've been friends with her since kindergarten

N-ohhhh yeah but last time I saw her we both didn't feel this way sooo..

H-actually she's always thought you were cute

N-really?? So did I but I didn't want to sound desperate or anything.

H-awwww that's so cute but you didn't hear that from me

N-hahaha ok well thanks for telling me it feels like we haven't hung out much just you and me

H-you're right we haven't we should hang out but not tomorrow because that's my day with the girls

N-haha ok have fun maybe the next day

H-ok well I'm going to bed good night

N-night Heather

I fell asleep thinking how perfect my life was at that moment.

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