Future Dead

This story will center around different survivor's and their progress through a world that has been plagued with an apparent 'Zombie' virus. Each survivor has their own adventure that will explain how they got to where they are and what they had to do to survive before meeting each other and surviving as a group. As well as the constant danger of the infected, the survivors must do what it takes to protect themselves and the ones they love. As the world die's, the survivors fight to keep themselves alive while clinging onto any sanity that they once had.


3. Savannah

Savannah laid still, her head was pounding and her leg aching. Her memory was blurry as she tried to think about why she was in so much pain. A quiet humming was all she could hear, and slowly she realised the ground she was laying on was vibrating. Her eyes flickered open and she blinked several times to focus.  She gazed at her surroundings, trying to figure out where she was. Her eyes locked onto a figure sitting in front of her. Alex. Relief washed over her as she gazed at him, holding onto a steering wheel. Savannah realised she was in a car. Slowly, Savannah rolled onto her back and tried to sit up. She grimaced as she began to move, her body feeling stiff and bruised. She let out a sigh and Alex’s head snapped up to the mirror. He smiled as she saw Savannah was conscious and trying to sit up.

“Hey, hey, take it easy” Alex sounded gentle and calm. Savannah looked up at the mirror and met his gaze. She watched his smile disappear from his face when he saw her. Savannah’s hand instinctively reached for her head and she felt the bump, which was covered in dried blood. She remembered what happened. Alex had pushed her. And then he pushed her again, out of the window. Savannah stroked her leg as the dull ache throbbed continuously. The atmosphere became tense.

“How bad do I look?” Savannah breathed as she fought the nausea inside her stomach. Alex blew air out of his mouth and smiled.

“You will look fine once we get you cleaned up. Do you remember what happened?” Alex stared at her in the mirror as she sat up.

“Yes…You pushed me over. And then you pushed me out of the window” Savannah tried to sound humorous, she wanted to say that she knew he was trying to save her, and that he didn’t mean to hurt her so much, but she felt so exhausted and nauseous that she just smiled instead. She watched Alex smile in the mirror, relieved he found it funny too. Savannah gazed out of the window and marvelled at how empty the roads looked, no one was to be seen, the neighbourhood was empty. Savannah remembered the hotel. It was obvious what they were, although Savannah was too afraid to say it. There were so many people there, and Savannah felt sad as she mourned for them all.

“Where are we going?” Savannah trusted Alex, but she was curious as to why he was driving away from the military and their evacuation points. She watched Alex as he continued to gaze ahead, his body stiffening, his grip on the wheel becoming tighter.


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