Future Dead

This story will center around different survivor's and their progress through a world that has been plagued with an apparent 'Zombie' virus. Each survivor has their own adventure that will explain how they got to where they are and what they had to do to survive before meeting each other and surviving as a group. As well as the constant danger of the infected, the survivors must do what it takes to protect themselves and the ones they love. As the world die's, the survivors fight to keep themselves alive while clinging onto any sanity that they once had.


1. Savannah

It all happened so fast. In the last 4 hours, Savannah had seen 12 people die. And those 12 people all came back. Savannah ran and she hid, too afraid to fight, too upset to think straight. Where were her family? The few that were still alive; her brother, her cousin and her dad. They had escaped with her until they got separated, and now Savannah was alone. Smart enough to hide in darkness and small enough to squeeze into a cupboard; she kept one hand over her mouth to conceal the terrified squeaks escaping from her mouth. Savannah had lost all sense of time, wondering how long she had been hidden here. Outside of the cupboard there was something lurking in the shadows, hunting for food. Hunting for flesh. Savannah’s hand trembled as she gently pushed the door, hoping to see what was outside. The darkness was too much, it engulfed the room and the only visible light was coming from the window where the moon shone through. Maybe I should run for it. Savannah contemplated this but then thought it was a bad idea as she couldn’t see anything. She felt stupid for getting herself trapped here. The thought of running from the danger felt so right when it happened, thinking her brother was right behind her. A loud noise burst through the room, interrupting her thoughts. It must have been a gunshot, so loud and unexpected that Savannah let out a scream. She let go of the door and cowered into the corner of the cupboard. The silence that followed was unnerving as she waited for the monster outside to find her, thinking her scream had given her away. Behind tear soaked cheeks, with both hands clasped around her mouth, she waited for it. 
“Savannah?” A loud whisper echoed through the room. Recognising that voice as her brother, she burst through the cupboard. 
“Alex!” Savannah couldn’t contain her excitement and relief as she ran to her brother and embraced his open arms. Tears ran down her cheeks uncontrollably as she hugged her brother after thinking he was dead. Stepping back from the embrace, Savannah observed Alex. In the moon light she could see his clothes, he was blood stained and upon further inspection, she could see he was holding a gun. Savannah wanted to ask what happened, she wanted to know whose blood that was or where he got the gun from or how he knew where she was hiding but she didn’t. The look on Alex’s face made Savannah feel uncomfortable. 
“We need to go, more are coming” Alex grabbed Savannah’s wrist and pulled her out of the room. Her eyes weren’t ready for the sudden flood of light and she grimaced behind her arm. She stumbled as she couldn’t see and Alex didn’t slow down as he pulled her down the hallway. Slowly, she lowered her arm and took in her surroundings. She whimpered as she saw the bodies sprawled across the hallway. The blood was everywhere, over the walls and on the floor. Savannah looked over her shoulder and watched the bodies lay still, a cold shiver running down her spine. Alex kept his grip on her arm, not wanting to lose her again. He could hear Savannah’s gasps as he pulled her along and he wanted so desperately to cover her eyes and shield her from all of this. Alex and Savannah came to an abrupt stop, Savannah wasn’t prepared to stop and she tumbled over her feet, hitting the floor with some force. She let out a painful gasp as she hit the cold floor. Before she had time to gather her thoughts, Alex grabbed her arm and pulled her up. All this sudden motion caused Savannah to feel dizzy and she held onto Alex’s arm to steady herself. She quickly let go when she felt the blood dripping off his arm and desperately tried to wipe it off using her jumper. 
“See that window to your left?” Alex whispered without looking at Savannah, who was still wiping her hands. She looked sideways and gazed at the window, slightly confused. 
“Yes…What about it?” 
“Jump” He ordered. Before Savannah could question him, Alex pushed her to the side and opened fire. He pushed her with such a force that she fell over, catching the side of her head on the window sill. As she lay there, the only thing she felt was pain. Slowly, she sat up and felt something drip onto her lap; it ran down her face and underneath her jumper. The noise of the gun shots and the concussion she had just got made everything go in slow motion. She looked up at Alex who was shooting at something, and he was screaming words at her without taking his eyes off of his target. Above everything, Savannah could just make out what he was shouting. 
“Go Savannah! Through the window! Go!” 
Savannah used all her strength the pull herself up while clinging onto the window sill to steady herself. Through blurred vision, she pulled at the window and managed to lift it up far enough to climb through. One leg first, she bent down and squeezed through the gap. Her vision made the height of the jump uncertain. Savannah let out a whimper as she tried to gather courage to jump through the gap. Something clasped around her back and she was pushed through the window. The floor hit her before she could even think about what happened. She could hear something, the sound of screaming and it wasn’t until she felt the pain shoot through her leg that she realised the screams were coming from her. The dark night engulfed her as she lay on the wet grass, the cold seeping through her clothes. She stared ahead and watched the world burn, the car fire’s, the people who had once died coming back and the few survivor’s racing around, desperately looking for loved one’s or help. Savannah wondered if this is what death felt like, it wasn’t as peaceful as she had imagined, and the pain was all she felt as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Her mind slowed down as she closed her eyes, the last thought racing through her head as she whispered; “Alex”. 


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