Future Dead

This story will center around different survivor's and their progress through a world that has been plagued with an apparent 'Zombie' virus. Each survivor has their own adventure that will explain how they got to where they are and what they had to do to survive before meeting each other and surviving as a group. As well as the constant danger of the infected, the survivors must do what it takes to protect themselves and the ones they love. As the world die's, the survivors fight to keep themselves alive while clinging onto any sanity that they once had.


2. Alex

“Where did she go?” Alex franticly asked himself the same question as he raced through the hallways. The amount of people running meant he had to fight his way around. He was being shoved and kicked as he tried his best to dodge them. Alex knew that shouting for Savannah would do no good as he could hardly hear himself think, the people in this hallway were scared and their screams echoed around the building. He tried to think, “Which way did she run?” Alex looked around, hoping he would recognise the pictures on the walls or any other landmarks, but it was difficult as the sheer amount of people made it impossible for him to stop and observe his surroundings. Seeing an open door, he slipped through it and found himself in an empty room. He closed the door behind him and the sound of the people outside subsided slightly and he was then able to think. Alex sighed heavily as he tried to think about his little sister and where she might be. 
“Savannah, she ran, she was scared. Where has she gone? Is she ok? She was with me and dad, we were looking for-“Alex’s thoughts were interrupted by a couple who burst through the room. A man and woman, both injured fell to the floor, clinging onto each other. Alex stepped back as he watched them both whimper and shake, clearly in pain and suffering. The man, who looked the most hurt, had a chunk of his neck ripped off and the blood was pouring out. The woman was less hurt as she clutched her arm, blood coming through her fingers. The woman tried to say something through the pain and Alex realised she was looking at him. He instinctively moved closer to hear her. Her voice was weak and she was breathless as she spoke. 
“Need to run boy…There’s too many” 
The woman started to stutter as she reached for the back of her jeans. She rolled over and pointed to her lower back and Alex saw something stuffed into her jeans. He leaned over and saw it, the gun that she was pointing at. He hesitated; Alex didn’t want a gun, especially one that wasn’t his. He looked at the woman as she lay still, next to the man who had stopped moving. Alex stood up and walked over to the window, holding his head in his hands. His head hurt as he tried to think about this, the apparent apocalypse, the fact that two people had died in front of him, two people he has never met before yet he felt so sorry for their fate. Alex remembered what she had said. There’s too many. Alex was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he forgot about Savannah, or that the apparent dead guy on the floor was now standing up. The body stood there for some time, watching Alex’s every move. Instinct drove the man to lurch forward and reach for Alex. It managed to grip him around the neck as he screamed. Alex leaned forward and flipped the dead man over him, slamming his foot on the thing’s neck to pin it down. Alex recognised the man and looked behind him to see the woman lay next to nothing. This made Alex feel sick, the fact that the man had died yet walking and that Alex almost had the same fate. The thing wriggled under Alex’s foot as he thought about what to do next. Remembering that the woman had a gun, he took no time in reaching for it. Alex threw himself over to the woman, landing in the same spot the man was once in. He grimaced as he felt the wetness of the man’s blood soak his top. In the darkness he felt over the woman’s body and grabbed at the gun. He pulled it out just in time to aim it at the dead man who was now standing over him. Alex took a deep breath and aimed it at the man’s head. With one shot, he hit the guy between his eyes. Its head snapped backwards and he fell to the floor, blood spurting over him as he covered his face. The room fell silent. Alex sat for a moment, a ringing in his ear, as he tried to comprehend the fact that he just shot someone. He was already dead. Alex told himself this repeatedly until he got off the floor and onto his feet. He took a deep breath and left the room, blocking out the image of what happened, ignoring the fact that he was leaving the helpless woman. His mind came back to Savannah. The hallways were empty as he raced through them, the lights flickering on and off as he ran. Alex wanted to scream Savannah’s name but knew that would put him in danger. 
After what felt like hours, Alex knew where she was. Outside a closed door, Savannah’s necklace lay on the floor. His gut twisted as he wondered why her necklace, the one she never took off, was here. He grabbed it and stuffed it in his pocket. Clutching the gun with one hand he slowly opened the door. The light from the hallway shined through the room as he peered inside. One solitary person stood in the room, gazing at the cupboards. A small amount of hope flickered in Alex’s gut as he wondered if Savannah was hiding in there. The person, who was obviously infected, ambled towards the cupboards. Without thinking Alex pulled the trigger and the bullet hit the thing on the side of the head as it went limp. Alex heard a scream.
“Savannah?” He whispered loud enough so she could hear.
Alex watched as a small figure burst through the cupboards and came hurtling towards him. Savannah wrapped her arms around his neck and he embraced her, utter relief taking over him as he discovered his sister was alive. Alex took no time in thinking as he grabbed her wrist and started running though the abandoned hallway. 
Alex gazed ahead as he saw the exit was blocked. What looked like thousands of infected stood in their only way out. Distract them and get Savannah out. That one thought was all it took and Alex whispered to Savannah, while not taking his eyes off of the danger. He could feel Savannah tugging on his clothes but didn’t have time to look at what she was doing.
“See that window to your left?” 
“Yes…What about it?” Savannah sounded confused.
“Jump” In that very second Alex pushed his little sister away from him. He lifted his gun up at the infected and started shooting. One by one the infected turned their gaze onto him. In the corner of his eye, he could see Savannah was on the floor. Desperation filled his head as he shouted for her to go, while trying to shoot the danger that was creeping closer by the second. Frustrated, out of time and out of bullets, Alex lowered his pistol and headed for the window. Knowing it would hurt Savannah; he placed his hand on her back and pushed her through the window. Above the groans of the infected, he heard her land, followed by her screams. His gut twisted as he imagined how much he hurt her, despite it being for her own good. Alex was too big to fit through the window and so he smashed through it, wincing as the glass cut into his hand. He hit the window a few times before the hole was big enough for him to slip through. Alex managed to lift his leg into to window before he turned around to see the infected were right on top of him. Using his other leg, he launched himself from the window by pushing himself off of one of the infected. Alex braced himself for the landing as he managed to roll and stop himself from hitting Savannah. He stood up and observed his sister, who was lifeless on the floor; a gash to her forehead which he realised was most likely his fault. Taking no time to feel upset or guilty, he scooped Savannah into his arms and headed for the nearest car in the car park. 

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