Forever And Always?

"Forever And Always, Sadie, Forever And Always!"
The last words my brother said to me before he auditioned for the X factor. Now... well, NOW! he ignores me, acts like I never existed. I highly doubt that his so called "friends" aka his bandmates know about me, and if they do, I doubt it is anything good.


2. When The Stars Come Out.

Zayn's POV:

Niall is worrying me. Every, like, 5 seconds he is looking out from behind the curtain. He never usually does this. Oh, wait, okay. FINALLY!!! He has stopped looking out from behind the curtain now. Thank the Gods.

Sadie's POV:

I hate brothers. Ooh. The concert is abooooouuuuuuut to start! I'm so so so so soo bored! You would not BELIEVE how frickin' BORING this is. Sitting here watching/listening and pretending to LOVE some lame ass boys with huge egos and just one happens to be my idiotic excuse for a bother. (Meant brother. Couldn't be bothered changing it.). I hate concerts. The only thing getting me through this is the thought of what I am doing next.

I shiver a little and wait for the boys to stop singing as this is the last song. I! Can't! Wait!

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