Forever And Always?

"Forever And Always, Sadie, Forever And Always!"
The last words my brother said to me before he auditioned for the X factor. Now... well, NOW! he ignores me, acts like I never existed. I highly doubt that his so called "friends" aka his bandmates know about me, and if they do, I doubt it is anything good.


3. Love The Look On Your Face!

Sadie's POV:

This is gonna be GREAT!!!! :D !

Niall's POV:

Ugh. Time for the meet and greet. Don't get me wrong! I love our fans but right now I am totally EXHAUSTED!!! D: ! *Yaawwwn* the first girl comes up to me and asks me to sign her shirt. Okaaaaay. I guess. Haz said that once some girl wanted him to sign her boob. Not quite sure if he was telling the truth... Anyways, I am looking for someone when she walks through the door. Sadie. My lil' sis!

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