Forever And Always?

"Forever And Always, Sadie, Forever And Always!"
The last words my brother said to me before he auditioned for the X factor. Now... well, NOW! he ignores me, acts like I never existed. I highly doubt that his so called "friends" aka his bandmates know about me, and if they do, I doubt it is anything good.


13. Love, Sadie.

Sadie's POV:

Darkness is all I see but I can hear. Everything. 4 people crying.

* flashback *

"Sadie, promise me you will always love me for me?" "Of course Niall! What do you take me for?" "I love you Sadie." "I love you too. Promise you will tell your bandmates about me, that you will contact me, that you will NEVER forget about your little sister Sadie?" "Of COURSE Sadie! What do you take me for!" "Touché." "Haha Sadie. Very funny." "Bye Niall. I will miss you!" "I will miss you too lil' sis."

* end of flashback *

I miss those days. Joking around. Laughing, having fun. Being happy. I miss being happy. After he left people used me so that they could get close to him. Be famous. I miss being NORMAL!!!! But most of all, I miss my brother. I wish that, that, I could be normal again. Have a nice normal happy family. Like I used to have. I hope that they found the note.

Niall's POV:

Sadie is in a coma. She wrote a note. It was heartbreaking.

Dear mum, Greg, Niall and Denise,

If you are reading this it is because I have decided to commit suicide. I think that you all will be better off without me. Greg and Denise, I hope that all goes well with your unborn child. Niall, I hope all goes well in your music career. Mum, I wish you all the best in being a grandmother. I love you all to bits and I am absolutely sure that you will be fine without me as I am sure you all think of me only as a hindrance.

Lots of hugs, kisses and love,



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