Forever And Always?

"Forever And Always, Sadie, Forever And Always!"
The last words my brother said to me before he auditioned for the X factor. Now... well, NOW! he ignores me, acts like I never existed. I highly doubt that his so called "friends" aka his bandmates know about me, and if they do, I doubt it is anything good.


5. Kill Myself, Kill You Inside.

Sadie's POV:

I stay in the corner unnoticed until everyone except One Direction has left. I then step out and reveal myself. "Who are you?" The boy with stripes says.... Louis, "I want to talk to my brother." I reply, they all look confused except for Niall. "Hi Sadie." "Hey bro! Wassup!?!" "Nothing really. Just the usual. Ya know, fans, concerts, messing about..." "Yeah? Good for you! I have something to show you.." I pull out my blade and position it over my heart......

Louis' POV:

Um... Okay. Never knew Niall had a sister. But... Okay, I mean, crazier things HAVE and WILL happen. But the scary thing about this girl? She looks exactly like Niall. And she is prepared to kill herself in front of 4 boys she doesn't know and her 2nd elder brother. "Sadie?...." Niall says slowly, "Yeah? What?" She replies, " have you thought about what Greg or Dad or Mum or Denise will think about this?" "Yep." She pops the 'p' "no onewant could never be done?When it all comes crashing down We'll do what what we want to,So we'll do that what we want to, Yeah yeah! is gonna miss me so what is the point of me living?"

Zayn's POV:

Killing herself? Bit extreme right? But she seems serious. Poor Niall.

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