Forever And Always?

"Forever And Always, Sadie, Forever And Always!"
The last words my brother said to me before he auditioned for the X factor. Now... well, NOW! he ignores me, acts like I never existed. I highly doubt that his so called "friends" aka his bandmates know about me, and if they do, I doubt it is anything good.


10. Committed.

Sadie's POV:

I take the knife. My hands are the steadiest they have ever been. I push the knife straight through my stomach. The last thing I see is 4 very shocked boys and 1 with tears streaming down his face.

Niall's POV:


Louis' POV:

Oh My Gods. Poor Niall. Poor Maura and Bobby and Greg and Denise. This is the crappiest concert EVER!!!

Liam's POV:

Please. That has got to have been a prank... Right? Oh no. Please no. Poor Horan family. Will Niall stay in the band after this.....?

Zayn's POV:

Shit. That did not just happen? I mean I don't even wanna sleep after that and I LOVE sleeping! Fuck, I can not believe that just happened.

Harry's POV:

Oooh someone is in TROUUBLE! Actually, I take that back. She is HOT!!

Sadie's POV:

Blackness. Pitch black. Darkness. The only thing I see. I feel as though I am drowning. In darkness. Did I really just do that? Fuck. Not allowed to have a bad attitude. I wanna live. Please god? Please? Please........?

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