Fighting for you

Emily and Zayn have been best friends for ever. They both loved each other but were scared to admit it. They started dating other people which dint work out well because they broke up after a month. On Emily's 20th birthday Zayn asked her to be his girl friend. However when their ex Rose and John heard about it, they got jealous and together planed to kidnap both of them. During the time of being kidnapped they fight for each other. Will they win or will they lose?


1. Prologue


I was hanging, they had tied my hand from the ceilings. They were making me see how they tortured her. I was half conscious. When you are hungry, beaten and have been injected drugs, you don't stay active. I had blood dripping from my bottom lip and my body was covered in bruises. Emily was laying on the bed half naked, unconscious from drugs. She could hear, feel and see every thing but could not react.

They made me see her getting raped and eaten out and i could not do anything rather than shouting, screaming and hearing her shouts and whimpers for help, for mercy. It angered me how I could not help her. Finally she woke up and started crying. "Shh. Don't cry Em, we will make it out of this. Believe me. I will get us out of here" I said when her crying got worse and she started sobbing. She ran and hugged me with all her might. I winced in pain but bit my tongue from moaning in pain for her sake. "I can't do this anymore Zayn! Please save us before its too late" she said in between her sobs. She stared pulling my chained hands, trying to set me free. I let her do it for her satisfaction. When nothing happened she started sobbing again.

Suddenly the door opened and they entered. Rose had a bunch of keys and John had a syringe full of liquid drug for me or Em or both of us. Em hugged me tightly in fear and i didn't want anything but to wrap my arms around her and keep her safe but these chain were restraining me to do that. Rose picked up the whip that was thrown on the floor hours ago after hitting me. "Emily let Zayn go now or you will regret it." Rose said cracking the whip to imitate her. Em shook her head vigorously and hugged me tighter, burying her face in my naked and bruised chest. "I guess i have to do it for you" Rose mumbled and started hitting Em with the whip.

Em screamed in pain but din't let go of me. After a few seconds she became silent despite of  continuous hitting. She looked at me and smiled. "i am too numb to feel it. It does hurt a little but being in your arms does not let it affect me" she whispered when she saw my shocked face. However John had heard her and marched towards her looking pissed causing Rose to stop and smirk. "You are only mine. Did you hear me? MINE." John shouted before injecting her drugs on her arm causing her to loosen her tight grip and fall limp in John's arms. 

He smirked at me and carried her to bed tied her hands to the headboard. She could not move but made made sounds of protesting but was ignored by him. Our eyes stayed connected with mine. Rose come in front of me but could not block the sight of Em as I was way taller than her.  She stared kissing my neck, moaning my name in my ears to get a reaction from me of lust but  she only got disgust. To please me she opened my hands with the keys she was holding. I took this chance and pushed her away and picked up the syringe which was now half filled and injected it in John's neck. He fell limp on Em. I pushed him of her and kissed her gently before uniting her from the ropes. Before I could pick her up Rose pushed me down and tried choking Em. I pulled her away from Em tied her to the bed but I made sure she could not escape and knocked her out. I dragged John to the chains and tied him also like he did to me.

I picked up Em, carrying her bridal style and exited the room. I sat Em down and locked to room and found my shirt and Em's clothes. After dressing her up I ran in the their house and found a phone. I called police and an ambulance. I went back to Em and picked her up and took her to the front door. I sat on door step, waiting for police when I heard "kiss me" from Em in a mumble. I smiled and obeyed her. She kissed back with all the strength that was left in her. 

Suddenly I felt a prick in my back and then everything went black.

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