Fighting for you

Emily and Zayn have been best friends for ever. They both loved each other but were scared to admit it. They started dating other people which dint work out well because they broke up after a month. On Emily's 20th birthday Zayn asked her to be his girl friend. However when their ex Rose and John heard about it, they got jealous and together planed to kidnap both of them. During the time of being kidnapped they fight for each other. Will they win or will they lose?


3. Chapter: 1


"Ahhh, stop it, leave me alone! STOP IT, PLEASE STOP, IT HURTS!! AAAAHHHHHH" Emily cried hysterically, pain shows on her face as John thrusts into her, raping her. Rose just smirked, as she held my head, her grip tight on my hair making me see every bit of this torture. I can't do anything to save her. I just hang there from chain, shouting and screaming, pulling on my binds.

As John finished his work, he got dressed leaving Em naked for Rose to beat her after she dresses her in a pair of undergarments. John comes and stands in front of while I shout at him, call me all the curses known to mankind. He just laughs at me, making me see red with rage. I can still hear Em shout as Rose beats her. I wish she was not tied up. If she was free she could take Rose down any time.

John just toke a needle from the draws of side table and connected it to the syringe filled with drugs. First injecting Em. When she was totally knocked out, Rose dressed her up and came to me and kissed me hard, trying to get some reaction. When I dint respond she just smiled and said "John I think he needs motivation" and John toke a whip and started hitting me. Till I dint hang limp from the beating, till my bare back dint bleed and was painted in blood, he dint stop.

Finally when he toke a break to catch is breath Rose came to me and said "this can pain can be avoided. Just say yes to me and no one will get hurt anymore. Let me help you to cease this pain" and then I felt a prick in my neck and understood what happened. My vision became blur and darkness started consuming me. The last thing I saw was Emily's tear stained face.


When I wake up next time, my back is aching but is bandaged. I notice that I am no more hanging and in bed next to Emily who is also untied from the bed post like I saw her earlier. She was still unconscious but she looked peaceful. I saw two trays of food. Each tray had roasted chicken, apple, coke and a bottle of water. I guess they felt pity for us to do this.

But I dint want to eat. I just wanted to lay in bed with Em in my arms. Her head on my chest and our legs tangled up together. I dint want to get up but I knew it was important for us to eat because we had nothing from past 2 days.

"Emily, baby get up. They have given us food. We need to eat. Wake up baby" I said as I gently shook her awake.

Her eyes fluttered open showing her dull blue eyes which were once bright with happiness. She saw me with wide eyes. "How- what are you doing here!? Are you fine!? What happened to your back? Where is John and Rose? How did yo-" I kissed her to silent her. At first she was shocked but the kissed me back will love, wrapping her arms around my neck as I toke hold of her waist.

When we pulled away, we both were out of breath. "I will explain you everything but first lets eat." I asi as I toke her hand and lead her to our plates. She dint say anything and ate her food.

When we finished, just toke my hand and told me to lay with her in bed. I dint object, knowing the two devils will be here soon. I just wanted to spend my peaceful time with her.

Last thing I remember before sleeping was the feel of Em's face in my chest and my arms around her.

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