Fighting for you

Emily and Zayn have been best friends for ever. They both loved each other but were scared to admit it. They started dating other people which dint work out well because they broke up after a month. On Emily's 20th birthday Zayn asked her to be his girl friend. However when their ex Rose and John heard about it, they got jealous and together planed to kidnap both of them. During the time of being kidnapped they fight for each other. Will they win or will they lose?


2. Author's Note


Thanks to everyone who read this story and I am sorry I have not updated for a very long time. My exams are going on and they will end on 13 March.

I will start updating regularly after they are over. So sorry for making you wait so long.

I am new at writing stories so please give me your suggestion and comment what you feel about it. I will not reveal my own identity so please don't ask for it.

Thank you .... xxxxx


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