The Accidental Skype Call- A Narry fanfic

What happens when two best friends accidentally make a Skype call to some two very important boys? Will they find true love or will they fall apart and stay friends?


3. You Promised...

Katie's POV

"We were just gonna FaceTime Perrie!"

I can't believe Harry Fucking Styles is in front of Brianna's screen! I like totally worshiped him!

Brianna looked like she was gonna faint too. But I don't blame her. She loved Niall!

"Really?! How do you girls know Perrie?" Asked Niall.

I sighed remembering Perrie was gonna kill us for not face-timing her.

"Well," Brianna started,"Me, Perrie, and Katie are all really good friends!"

I looked at Niall, something strange was with him. I followed where his eyes were at. I smirked. Niall has a hard crush on Brianna! Then I looked at Harry and I could tell we had the same plan.

To get Niall and Brianna together!

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