The Accidental Skype Call- A Narry fanfic

What happens when two best friends accidentally make a Skype call to some two very important boys? Will they find true love or will they fall apart and stay friends?


6. The plan...

Perrie's POV

Ever since I found out that Brianna and Katie accidentally Face Timed Harry and Niall, I had a feeling to get Brianna and Niall together and Katie and Harry together. So I went to Face Time them also, starting with Niall.

"Hello?" Asked Niall in his raspy morning voice.

"Hey Niall, I need to tell and ask you something!" I was already bouncing in my bean bag.

"What do you need to tell and ask me, Perrie?" He was starting to get a little suspicious.

"Well first things first!" I started. "Do you like Brianna?!"

He nodded.

"Perfect!" I clapped my hands together. "Anyways does Harry like Katie?"

"I think so!" Niall stated. "Why do you ask?"

I laughed. "Because we gotta have a plan to get Katie and Harry together! Duh!"

"I know I have been thinking about a way!" He exclaimed.

Perfect! I thought. Now all I need to is explain my plan!

And with that Niall listened very closely to the plan.

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