The Accidental Skype Call- A Narry fanfic

What happens when two best friends accidentally make a Skype call to some two very important boys? Will they find true love or will they fall apart and stay friends?


9. I want you to do this...

Katie's POV

I saw Brianna come into the kitchen.

"Brianna! Why did Perrie want me to come in here?"

"Oh no reason she just wanted to talk to me alone! And you need to talk to her alone too!"

I walk into the living room and sit on the couch.

(Still in the skype call)

K-"Perrie why'd you want me alone too?"

P-"Because did you see the way Niall looked at her?"


P-"well I want you to try to get them together!"

K-"Can't you do it?"

P-"I want you to do it because you can probably accomplish getting them together!"

K-"Okay Perrie I'll try!"

P-"good now I've got to go!"


*end of call*

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