"You can't go...." I called out to him.
He ignored me as if I wasn't there.
"Please! Please Stay!" He turned back round to me.
"It's for the best Prue, I'm not good for you" His voice was low and meaningful.
"Harry please, we can make this work!" I pleaded, my heart torn in two.
He turned around and walked away.
All I wanted, was him to stay.


2. Chapter 2

"Freya, I'm really not feeling this?" I shuffled awkwardly out of the car, pulling my dress down. "Stop fussing Prue, you look hot" She winked at me, I groaned. The boys Frat house was a large house, with a balcony and porch. The house moved with the bass of the loud music. We both shuffled awkwardly up the path, passing a few smokers and a few hormonal young adults who feel the need to grope each other in public. "Prue come..on" Freya pretty much dragged me up on to the wooden porch, my black wedges shuffling along. I ran a shaky hand through my volumed blonde streaky hair. 
We took our first steps into the house, instantly nearly being whacked in the face by high dancing students. "Oh god" I grunted, loud enough for Freya to hear. "What?" She bobbed her head along with the music. "This is Busier then last weeks" I leaned over to her. She just chuckled her contagious beautiful laugh. "Well...well...well" I heard the footsteps of a unwanted visitor. Our heads snapped to Chloe's direction. "Didn't think you'd actually come, not after last weeks incident" Her menacing eyes clasped onto Freya. "We're just full of surprises" I cackled sarcastically. 
"Well, enjoy yourself's" She clicked her right fingers  and strutted off, Jenny and Megan at her heels. "Slut" I coughed inwards, patting my chest, Freya laughed. "Lets get a drink" Freya took my wrist, pulling me through people to the kitchen. "Not too much for you Freya, please behave" I poured myself some coke, knowing I would have to be responsible for Freya's actions further on in the night. "Hey girls" A sweet voice spoke from behind us. "Oh, hey Sophia, you look great!" I smiled to the short haired girl. I took a small sip from the plastic cup. "You too Prue, you look amazing! Your bum and boobs also look great!" Her long eyelashes battered with her wink. "Told you so" Freya muttered into the cup that was raised at her plump lips. I shook my head, my blonde hair falling around my face, I tucked it back behind my ear. "Oh Freya, I think Niall is looking for you?" Sophia's attention sprung to the brunette. Her eyes widened at the sound of her crushes name, she coughed quietly into the cup. "Oh is he now?" She smirked. Sophie bobbed her head as a yes. "Yeah he's over near the pool table with the others" She informed her, I wish she didn't tell Freya where, because by now she was dragging me along with her. 
"Freya stop" I dug my heels into the ground, she just pulled me further, "no, you stop because you look like a dick" Sh glared at me, I huffed and stood up straight, took a deep breath before giving her a fake smile and followed her through the crowd. 
As we crossed the living area I spotted the  group of 7 boys we are approaching.  
Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Will Woods, Marcus Langum and of course, Harry Styles.

"Hey Niall" Freya flawlessly smiled at the blonde haired blue eyed Irish boy. "There you are Freya, looking very gorgeous tonight" He ran his eyes up her body, her fair cheeks blushed red, the lighting of the room hiding it. "Thanks" She smirked, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. I looked at each of the boys around us, I hid half of my body behind Freya's slim figure. "Wow Prue, must I say, your looking dashing tonight" Louis bowed down in front of me, I chuckled at the joker. "Yeah Prue, your figure is pretty good" Zayn nodded as he took a sip from his drink. Each boys eyes were attached to my body, apart from Harrys, that were strangely stuck to my face. "Yes Prudence, you do look nice" Harrys sexy voice spoke up in a husky tone. "It's Prue" I muttered, bowing my head. "Whatever Prudence" His lips formed a playful smirk. I shook my head. "Care to dance Prue" A hand threw itself in between mine and Harrys close bodies. "Sorry Will, I don't dance" I looked away. 
"Oh come on girl, you don't have to dance, just his on me" He circled his hips disturbingly. "Mate, she said no" Harry stared him down with his bright green orbs. "Woah man" Will backed off.
"Thanks" I looked at Harry. 
"Don't mention it" He took a sip from his cup that strangely contained coke. "That was nice of you" I thanked him again. "I said don't mention it" He said lowly. I looked around for Freya, seeing her dancing against Niall with another drink in my hand. "Oh great, she's going to be a nightmare" I slapped my palm on my forehead. "Good luck with her" Harry chuckled. "If you don't like me, leave me alone, go back to your little slut Chloe" I groaned, where is this confidence coming from Prudence? 
Harry rolled his eyes. "I like you, yeah your annoying and irritating, but your bloody hot, Im not with Chloe either" He was suddenly right behind me, and extremely close. "If I was with Chloe, would I touch you like this" He whispered in my left ear. I felt a large hand touch my hip and sprawl out around my waist. He pulled his hand quickly away, turning in his heels and headed to the stairs, he stormed up them, not looking back once. 

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