"You can't go...." I called out to him.
He ignored me as if I wasn't there.
"Please! Please Stay!" He turned back round to me.
"It's for the best Prue, I'm not good for you" His voice was low and meaningful.
"Harry please, we can make this work!" I pleaded, my heart torn in two.
He turned around and walked away.
All I wanted, was him to stay.


1. Chapter 1

I raised my hand, shy of others glances.
"Yes Prudence?" The teacher looked up at me.
"It's Prue" I stuttered.
She just rolled her eyes glaring at me. 
"I believe that the author is writing a extended metaphor, the whole image of medusa is a story of jealousy, the story is really telling us that jealousy is a beast" I coward my hand back down to my desk. A few sniggers were produced from a few rows behind me. The teacher looked surprised with my well thought out answer. "Well done Prudence, I'm impressed" She spoke snootily. The breath I have been holding in was released after her words. "Smart arse" A female voice spoke from behind me. 

"Yes Prudence?" The teacher looked up from her laptop. I watched the last students leave to room before I began speaking again. "I was wondering if It was a problem if i could possibly move seats?" I said shyly. She sighed loudly. "I'm not sure Prudence, is there a valid reason to this?" She tilted her head slightly. I clutched my folders tighter to my chest and adjusted the strap of my bag. "Well I...I'm getting a little distracted by the students in the back row" I tucked a small piece of blonde hair back behind my ear. " are these students...Chloe Atwood, Jenny Dyer, Niall Horan and Harry Styles?" She looked down at a piece of paper, containing her students names. "Yes" I nodded. She sighed loudly again with her shoulders. "I'll see what I can do" She gave me a small smile. "Thank you Miss" I said, then scurried off out the door. 

"What took you so long?" My best friend Freya appeared outside the class door. "Oh I was just talking to Miss" I gave her a short sweet smile. "Oh okay" He shrugged it off. "Are you going to the frat party tonight?" She chirped up, twirling a strand of dark hair around her finger. "I'm not too sure Frey, you know what happened at last weeks party?" I raised my eyebrows at her, reminding her of the puking incident of the previous frat house garden party. "Look that was only because I drunk too much, come on, it will be fun!" She nudged me, making me trip to the right. "I'll think about it" I shrugged. 
"Yeah you better! I can't survive without you there!" She cackled. I rolled my eyes at her. "And Harrys going to be there" She flashed a wink with her hazel eyes. "I don't care about Harry douche bag Styles" I spat, referring to the the campus' hottest girl player. "Yes you do" She teased as we went down the last corridor before exiting the building. "What time does it start?" I asked her, as we walked out into the campus grounds, taking a seat on the bench. "7:30, I hear that Niall Horan is going" She squealed, I shook my head. I looked up from the pavement floor as. Heard a bunch of irritating giggles. "Oh great" I scoffed , noticing the 3 girls heading over. "Well  hello there Prudence" Chloe chucked tightening  her pony tail.  "Am I invisible?" Freya rolled her eyes. "Unfortunately No" Chloe laughed. "What do you want then?" I asked, looking up at the 3 make up covered girls. "Just wanted to know if your going to the frat house tonight?" Jenny stepped forward, flicking her black hair over her shoulder. "Yes we are" Freya said sternly, nudging me slightly with her elbow. "Well, I look forward to seeing you there" Megan chuckled, Chloe led them off, strutting away from us. "Jesus I hate those girls" Freya groaned.

"That's it I'm not going" I threw my body back on my bed. "Jesus Prue, take a chill pill" Freya chuckled. She flicked her hands through the pieces of clothes hanging on the hooks in my wardrobe. "What about this dress?" She pulled out a piece of black material. "That's m sisters, well, she gave it to me, it's not really my thing" I scanned my eyes over the short black skin tight dress. "It's perfect, just try it on, please?" She held it up infront of me. I rolled my eyes and took the dress from her hands. 

Freya was already dressed, he wore a midnight blue skater dress that hugged her body in all the right places. I pulled the tight material  over my head and tugged it down over my body. "Oh wow! That dress makes your bun and boobs look huuuggeee" Freya chuckled. The dress had no arms, just wide straps. It was tight all around and sat just below my bum cheeks. 

Tonight is going to be horrendous. 

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