MSPA (Completed)

Nobody really knew me. I didn't speak that much. But it all changed when I auditioned for the MSPA. I had a dream that had kept me going. A dream to be the best songwriter in the world. It kept me going. Made me stay by my foster parents. It made me survive all the things my foster parents had ever did to me and all the things they were about to do.
I was broken... And the people who surrounded me had to fix me...


7. Chapter 6

Sorry for not updating for so long, I didn't have any inspiration, but now I do and I had a lot of tests to learn for. I decided to call you all Chocolate chip cookies 'cause I like them. So here is some drama for you and... I hope you like it!


Louis' P.O.V. 

She turned around to face us. 

"You coming or do I have to lock ya'll up in my house?" Damn, she is so beautiful, but doesn't seem to realize it at all. I want to call her mine so badly. She probably goes for Harry or Liam, because Harry is charming and Liam is the caring one. I'm just the funny and annoying one who just got out of a terrible ending relationship.  A pair of fingers snap in front of my face. It is Camile. 

"You coming? Otherwise I'll be ate for my final in English." I nod and walk with her out f the door. 

"You have your keys right?" I ask before she closes the door. She feels in her pockets and nods. 

"Yeah, I got them, thanks for reminding me of them Lou." And she kisses my cheek. Quickly I look away to hide my blush. What is it that she has that makes me feel so protective of her and so safe by her? We walk to the elevator, but she passes it. Maybe she is afraid of them? 

"Cam? Can I call you Cam?" She nods yes. I do an inside dance. Yay, I can call her Cam! Back to the point.

"Are you afraid of elevators? You don't need to answer. It's just that... Why take the stairs if you can take the elevator?" Again she nods. While we walk down she tells us why she's afraid of elevators.

"When I was younger we lived in a small flat in Manchester. There was an elevator and I didn't had a big problem with it. I'm claustrophobic, but Samantha and Larrie didn't care for that. One day the elevator stopped in the middle of the ride up. The electricity had fall out. The elevator fell down. Right before it would hit the ground the elevator started moving upwards again. To fall down, to climb up. That happened for an hour. I've never been able to get inside an elevator again. It kinda reminds me of that time. And the fact that Larrie and Samantha moved to a house just 4 months after that didn't help. They pushed me in the elevator everyday." I'm shocked. How can somebody be so cruel? I know that this isn't the last cruel thing they did to her and I don't know how we are going to tell it to her. It will break her hard. The walk to her school is quiet and we arrive quickly.

"I have to go, but in the mean time think of a line for in your first single, alright?" She says. Liam puts his hand up.

"I know something. 'That's what makes you beautiful' Is it good enough?" She nods approving, turns around and walks away. 


*3 hours later*


Camile's P.O.V.

"She doesn't suits us, uncle Si. Why did you even ask her to be our songwriter? She can't even sing." It is Harry who says it. I walk down the corridor. 'Don't cry, you're stronger than that.' I tell myself. 'You don't need them.' I think. I walk towards Harry with a paper in my hand.

"I might be quiet, but I have my reasons. I might be broken, but everything that is broken can be fixed. And I might not 'suit' you. Without me you aren't coming far. And in your eyes I can't sing, in that of other people I'm really good. Be happy with your single. It's called 'What makes you beautiful'. Hope you are happy with me leaving. I don't want anything to do with you anymore." They look shocked. That was next to telling them part of my story the most I talked to them. I walk away, silent tears fall from my eyes. I slowly turn around for the last time. 

"I thought you were different. But I was wrong. You are just the same as everybody else." I walk out of the school, the street, to my house. It didn't feel like home anymore. I grab some stuff, take my skateboard and board to the airport. 

"When is the next plane to New York going?"


Hello lovely Chocolate chip cookies,

Ooooh, she's going to New York... What will happen next? The chapter is a little short, but it will get better. (Hopefully :)) Hope you liked it and please like, favorite and comment what you think. 

Please also read my movellas together with @Alysha_Merlin. It's called Guardian Angel.

Lots of Love


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