MSPA (Completed)

Nobody really knew me. I didn't speak that much. But it all changed when I auditioned for the MSPA. I had a dream that had kept me going. A dream to be the best songwriter in the world. It kept me going. Made me stay by my foster parents. It made me survive all the things my foster parents had ever did to me and all the things they were about to do.
I was broken... And the people who surrounded me had to fix me...


6. Chapter 5

I just want to say a massive sorry for the last chapter. My laptop was doing strange and published before the chapter was finished. But now my laptop works again and I can go further with the story. Also I want to say a massive thank you too everybody who read this story. 76 readers maybe ain't that much, but it is for me! Love ya


"Well, since we didn't play 20 questions in the park why don't we play it now?" I ask. They agree, so we start playing.

(Lo=Louis, Li=Liam, Ha=Harry, Ni=Niall, Za=Zayn and Ca=Camile)\

Ca- I want to start! I want to start!

The lads laugh and tell me to start already.

Ca- Where are you from? What is your birthday? And how old are you? And I know that are 3 questions. I'm from Wolverhampton, I'm born on the 24th of December in 1991 and I'm 19 years old. Next Zayn you answer.

I turn my head to Niall. The lads start to laugh.

Ni- You must be very tired love, I'm Niall.

He points to Zayn.

Ni-That is Zayn.

Ca-Ugh Whatevs, yes I'm tired and just answer the questions.

Niall puts his hands up in the air.

Ni- Sorry, I'm from Mullingar in Ireland, I'm born on the 13th of September in 1993 and I'm 17. Harry?

Ha-I'm born in Cheshire on the 1st of February in 1994 and I'm 16. Zayn?

Za- Well, I'm Zayn.

I sigh deep, they are never ever ever letting my mistake go.

Za- I'm born in Bradford on the 12ft of January in 1993 an I'm 17. Liam?

Li- I'm born in Wolverhampton on the 29th of August in 1993 and I'm 17. Last Louis?

Lo-I'm born in Doncaster on the 24th of December in 1991 and I'm 19. Now... Uhm...

Louis thought about some questions for awhile. He wanted to ask them when my phone rang. I blush a little, When the lads hear my ringtone for the second time today. I should really change it into something less embarrassing. Again it is Samantha, but this time it's just a text.

'Where are you? You better get your ass down here you little worthless piece of shit! Don't forget who you are and don't forget where you belong!' It says. I bite my lip, trying to hold back the tears in my eyes. A pair of arms are wrapped around me. They hold me softly, but close. I can't hold the tears back anymore. They fall across my face. And that says a lot since I don't cry that much. The arms around me hold me even tighter, but I don't mind. I bury my head in his chest. The hug gives me a feeling of safety that I haven't felt for a long time.

"Shh, they can't hurt ya. We will protect you, love." Louis whispers in my ear. He's the one hugging me. He is so sweet. Wait, I can't think about him like that. I'm his songwriter for god sake. Harry gets me out f my thoughts about Louis when he says.

"I'll kick their ass if I ever see them." It makes me smile a little, knowing he has my back.

"Me two." Niall says.

"Me three." Zayn tell us.

"Me four." Liam says. "Nobody messes with our songwriter." I giggle a little. That is really sweet.

"First, I agree with Liam and Harry. Second, Camile, you should really stop with saying what you think or you might get in trouble." The first thing Louis says serious, the second with a smile on his face. Than I notice he still has his arms around me, like he's never ever ever letting go. But I'm alright with it. It's quite comfortable. I feel exhausted from what happened this day. First I met the lads, second I had a conversation with my angry stepmother, third I had to face Ariana the girl who bullies me on school and fourth I had to face my fear of heights. Slowly my eyes close and I fall asleep in Louis' arms. 


*The next day*


I wake up by the smell of pancakes filling my kitchen and by a breathing pillow. Wait... A breathing pillow? 

"Should we take a picture? Hazza take a picture they are so cute together. I see the headlines: The new it-couple: Louis Tomlinson and Camile Benson." I feel Louis moving under me and hear him whisper.

"You idiots'll wake her up. And she doesn't even likes me like that, so shut up." Now I'm moving. My nose moves like a rabbit when I smell the chocolate with pancakes. In 3 seconds I'm up and sitting in my kitchen with a plate full of chocolate covered pancakes in front of me. 5 pares of eyes are on me when I start eating. 

"Good to know that you wake up by the smell of pancakes covered on chocolate, but you do know you need to share with us right?" I finally looked up from the pancakes. There were only 5 left of the 12. A deep sigh escapes my mouth. 

"Ugh... Fine, I'll share, but only this time. You can all have 1 pancake. By the way you should feel honored, I never share my food." With that I wipe my mouth with a tissue and walk to my bathroom to shower, take a wee and do my hair. 20 minutes later I'm done. When I look for my clothes I notice I forgot to take them with me. That means walking in a towel trough the living room where the lads are. But asking them to grab some clothes for me isn't an option either. I wrap the towel tightly around me and walk out. Harry smirks when he sees me, Niall, Zayn and Liam look the other way, but Louis mouth falls open. I start to blush. The red color spreads over my cheeks and I walk fast to my bedroom. That was even more embarrassing than I thought it would be. 

"That was unexpected." Zayn says when I walk back entirely dressed.

"I forgot to take my clothes with me. Don't get used to it. Actually get used t it, because it'll happen probably most of the time. Now I need to get to school." I grab my bag, walk to the door and turn around. 

"You coming or do I have to lock ya'll up in my house?"


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