MSPA (Completed)

Nobody really knew me. I didn't speak that much. But it all changed when I auditioned for the MSPA. I had a dream that had kept me going. A dream to be the best songwriter in the world. It kept me going. Made me stay by my foster parents. It made me survive all the things my foster parents had ever did to me and all the things they were about to do.
I was broken... And the people who surrounded me had to fix me...


4. Chapter 3

From that moment everything had changed. I could feel it." The boys keep quiet. Thinking about everything that happened to me at such young age. My phone rings. It is the 1D ringtone. 

"Well, that's a little awkward." I laugh about it. God, I'm weird. For some reason I always laugh at awkward moments like this. It's Samantha. I pick it up and press speaker. 

(A/N Little too lazy to type the names and stuff. S= Samantha, C=Camile)

S- You little brat where are you? It is Patricia's birthday remember? Get your fat ass to Manchester! NOW!

The boys looked shocked. Clearly not used to this. I can't complain tho. I'm still not used to it either.

C-I'm in London Samantha. Busy with my last year at the MSPA, remember? I'll try to get there as fast as possible, but the traffic is stuck. Right now I'm sitting in my car already on my way to you. 

I lied to her. To Samantha. Thank god she couldn't see my face right now.

S-You better get your ass here fast and bring a present. She wants One Direction for her birthday and if she isn't getting them you have a big problem. 

And with that she hanged up.

"Shit" I mumbled under my breath. How could I forget her birthday? I don't have a present and if I give her the boys they will never get out of there. What do I do? Somebody laid his hand on my shoulder what caused me to jump a bit. 

"You don't have to go ya know. They ruined your life, their not worth your tears love." It was Louis, he brushed the tears away. He was sweet.

"Thanks love." My eyes turned big. I did not say that out loud, did I? 

"Yeah, you did." I slapped my forehead. Ouch, that hurts. We start to laugh. 

"It's not funny. It hurts. And it was supposed to be a mental face palm, but I always slap myself for some reason." It made us even laugh more. They were right. I didn't need to come. I wasn't spending my free time at them. Outside it was getting darker. 

"Let's have dinner and a movie night." Harry says. Well, I think it is Harry, but I'm not quite sure. We agree and walk of. When I turn around I see that Simon puts his thumps up. He wanted me to have friends and I was pretty sure this 5 idiots of boys would be them. 

"Since you are new to the group, Camile, you can choose were we go to for dinner." I think for awhile. Normally I would cook something, but I am a terrible cook and i'm in desperate need of a new toaster, we can go to a restaurant. Nando's pops into my mind. I haven't bin there in a while. 

"Well, point 1, normally I would go home and cook something, but I'm a terrible cook. Point 2, we need to go to an electronic store since I need a new toaster. And point 3, NANDO'S!" I guess that was a funny answer, because they all start to laugh. 

"That is the same answer Niall would give. Why do you need a new toaster?" Liam says. I giggle and scratch the back of my neck.

"Well...Maybe... Probably... Perhaps... I dunno... I could have set the toaster on fire again?" He laughs softly. With the 6 of us we walk to Nando's. The girl that helps us turns in shock.

"You, you, you are One Direction. OMG, I am a huge fan of you. Can I have a picture?" She climbs over the counter, takes a picture, climbs back over the counter and takes the order. We all take peri-peri chicken. Outside we sit down on a bench in the park. 

"It wasn't only me who found that strange right?" I ask them. And again Niall starts to laugh. He really laughs a lot. We eat in silence. not like an awkward silence, but a normal, comfortable silence. I'm the first one who is finished. 

"Let's play 20 questions. everybody asks a question and everybody answers them." But before we can start I hear somebody scream my name.

"Camile Benson!" Softly I flinch. Please don't come this way, please don't come this way, I beg. But the girl does. It is Ariana, the school slut. It only takes her 1 second to recognize the boys and once she is all flirty and stuff.

"Hi, there. my name is Ariana. Wont you prefer hanging out with me instead of her? I am so much better company." She drags out the 'so'. Gosh, why does she needs to be all flirty and stuff like that? And why does Louis needs to look at her like she is a cake a or so? Why do I care that Louis looks like that to her? I mean I don't even like him, do I?

"I better be going. Got on English test tomorrow. Bye lads." I stand up and walk away. How could I be so silly to tell them stuff about myself when it is obvious they don't care? I hear a pair of footsteps behind me.

"Thank god you stood up. That was like really awkward." harry says. I let a small giggle escape. 

"She had a pancake on her face. A pancake of make-up. I'm glad you don't wear that much, Camile" Zayn says. Another giggle escapes. I can't help it.

"Did you see how obvious she was starring at you Lou? And she kept twirling hair around her finger." Liam says. Now I'm softly laughing. They left her for me. Maybe they do care. And maybe it is time for me to start trusting them. I spin around facing them. Taking a deep breathe and say:



Hi! What do you think of the story until now? i really want to know. And I left a cliffhanger. Pretty special for me since I suck at writing cliffhangers. Please tell me what /you think of the story, favorite, like or comment. It would mean a lot to me. 

Lots of Love


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