MSPA (Completed)

Nobody really knew me. I didn't speak that much. But it all changed when I auditioned for the MSPA. I had a dream that had kept me going. A dream to be the best songwriter in the world. It kept me going. Made me stay by my foster parents. It made me survive all the things my foster parents had ever did to me and all the things they were about to do.
I was broken... And the people who surrounded me had to fix me...


2. Chapter 1

I sit down in front of the boys. I've met them before, but I didn't talk to them. I still didn't feel like talking a lot. The thing is, Simon told me that I have to get to know them and they have to get to know me. I am kinda stuck doing this. I study the faces of the boys. Of course, I had heard from them, I mean, they are pretty much famous. God it was One Direction I'm talking about. I listen to their songs on the x-factor and all that kind of stuff, but that was actually all I knew of them. That they were on the x-factor. One boy has blond hair, blue sparkly eyes and a cute smile. One boy has curly brown hair, eyes with a lot of colors in them and dimples. One boy has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and an earring. One boy has brown hair, brown eyes and a serious look on his face. And the last boy has brown hair, blue eyes and he has a cute smile on his face. 

Simon looks at me. 

"Think you can work with them?" He asks.

I nod. I could definitely work with them. I notice the boys looking at me, like I looked at them. Studying who I am and what to expect from me. Since you know who they look, you probably also want to know how I look. I'm not very tall. 5,2 feet at last. I have orange-red hair that falls down my back in soft curls. It reach my to half way my back. I have big light grey eyes and a white skin color. 

Like I said I am shy, not particular talky, not very tall. I like to write fan fiction and song, read books, dance, but only when nobody is looking. I like to draw and paint on the walls. Next to my shy sweet girl character, I also have a bad girl attitude. I have a small star tattoo on the back of my neck. I like to free run. Also I hate cars, drugs, alcohol, birds, clowns, the dark small rooms like elevators and toilets, but most of all I hate heights. Thank god Simon didn't push me into coming here with a car. Anyway I start to doze of the story. 

The boys are still studying me when I speak up. 

"Take a picture, it last longer than the memory in your head. I'm Camile by the way. Your new songwriter." That makes the blond guy laugh. He laughs fast I notice. The curled haired boy stands up out of his chair. 

"I'm Harry Styles, 16 years old, born in Holmes Chapel and the flirt of the band. The idiot on the ground is Niall Horan, 17 years old, born in Mullingar Ireland and he is the funny guy on the band. The guy with the serious look on his face is Liam Payne, 17 years old, born in Wolverhampton and the daddy of the band. The guy with the earring is Zayn Malik, 17 years old, born in Bradford and the mysterious one of the group. And that..." He pointed to the last guy. 

"That is Louis Tomlinson. He..." When Louis heard his name he looked at Harry and shouted.

"Harreh! I want to introduce myself!" He turns to me. 

"I'm Louis Tomlinson, 19 years old, born in Doncaster and the leader of the band." It makes me giggle everybody seemed to have a role in the band. But I didn't understand one thing. 

"Wait? Why are you the leader Louis?" The boys look at each other, to Simon, to each other and than to me. In chorus they say:

"Because it was the only thing left." It made me giggle more. They pointed me to introduce myself. 

"I'm Camile Benson, 19 years old, born in Wolverhampton live in Manchester and I'm a songwriter with a terrible past. And i do not know why I said that" I sit down on the ground next to Niall. 

"Will you tell us about your terrible past?" He asks. I sigh deep and nod. "I never told my past to somebody except to Simon. And that was the first time, I ever told it. It is a long story so why don't you make yourself comfortable." They all sit down on the ground or on a chair. 

""Like I said I'm born in Wolverhampton..."

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