Identical Opposites

Campbell is the perfect alpha-girl stereotype in a 'Jungle' of Stereotypes, always ready for anything. But is she ready when she discovers that she has a long-lost identical twin- and meets her? Follow Campbell as her identical opposite, Abigail, helps her discover her own emotions that she has kept hidden from herself in a short story of raw emotion.


4. Blood

My head has a splitting ache when –snap- I’m awake. I’m lying down somewhere really comfortable. After a few seconds, my ears start working. Beeps and distant voices fade into my world. I try to open my eyes. My eyes struggle to adjust to the light –I squint- and they focus and refocus. I see whiteness. The ceiling is white. I’m wearing white. My bed is white. The walls are white. My gaze suddenly comes across a shocking shade of red. A red coat. And wearing that coat is… me?

           I’m dropped into a limbo of confusion for a while. Then I think Abigail, and suddenly everything comes roaring back to me. The morning, the nurse’s, the fight, tennis… oh. The world finally makes sense.

           I find my voice, and call out weakly, “Abigail?”

           She looks up instantly, startled. Her eyes are on the brink of tears as she rushes to my side. She starts speaking in a rush and doesn’t stop in between.

           “Oh, Campbell, I was just so mad, I said all those stuff and just stormed out, but then I was worried so I started to walk back but then I heard you scream… I ran there… But when I got there…”

           She clamps her mouth with her right hand, unable to go on, and choke.

           “It’s not your fault. I’m okay. Why are you crying?” I comfort her. She tries to stop crying and uncovers her mouth. Weird, she’s smiling. She talks between sobs and gasps.

           “No, there’s that, and there’s also…” She starts crying again and as if on cue, my parents walk in and say something that will change my life forever.

           “Welcome Abigail Simmons into the family, Campbell, we decided to adopt Abigail.”

           It’s my turn to clamp my mouth with my hand. No words, no music, no artwork could ever describe that feeling.

           Flooded with pure happiness, I hug Abigail. She hugs me back. And it all feels so right. Because the tiger and the phoenix, we share the same blood.

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