Everyone thinks being famous is fun. All the money and girls but no one ever thinks about what happens behind the cameras and concerts. Well here's the life that's hidden from the paparazzi.


1. Chapter 1

"He is sooo cute!"

"His accent drives me nuts!"

"Not to mention his adorable smile"

"And how he sings!"

"I think I'm in love!"

Little did they know the life behind the cameras and magazines.

"Guys hurry up!" I laughed as I stumbled up the stairs to the club. We were all laughing our asses off at nothing since we were already drunk and we weren't even inside yet. "Hey man!" I greeted the bouncer who knew me well. I gave him a high five and I walked straight through. The music was loud and the room was dark. Just the way I liked it. Tonight was gonna be fun. Then again, it always was.

I saw a girl with white blonde hair that curled down her back. She was skinny and from what I could see she was sexy. I walked up behind her as she danced and I grabbed her waist. "Why hello there sexy." I whispered into her ear. She glanced at me and started grinding on my crotch with the beat of the music.

"Hi there irish." She whispered back. I smirked and spun her around so that I could see her face. She was a good looking girl and her body was sexy. Her dress was black and it hugged her figure tightly exposing all of her assets. She had a bright red pair of heels to match her lipstick. Now her I would like to see naked.

Soon 'Good Girls Go Bad' started playing and I decided I would have some fun with her. "What's your name gorgeous?" I asked winking at her as we kept dancing.


"Pretty name for a pretty girl." I flirted with her and I could tell she was into it. "C'mon I'm gonna introduce you to my boys." I pulled her over to where the guys were sitting.

"You came to join our came of Russian roulette?" Harry asked smirking flashing me the bottle of pills.

"What is it?" She asked grinning. This wasn't unusual for us we had to keep ourselves happy somehow and this is how we did it.

"Ecstacy but there are 3 roofies." Zayn smirked as he held the bottle.

"Let's do it." I smirked pulling Clarity onto my lap. Was is clarity? I didn't know but I didn't really care.

"I-I don't think this is a good idea." She stuttered getting up. She was so nervous it made me laugh.

"Don't worry love it'll all be fine we have done this heaps!" I told her pulling her back down onto my lap. All that we were gonna do is take a pill be happy for a few hours then that'll be all. Plus roofies just make you forget so then it doesn't matter anyway and there are like 30 ecstacy pills so there is a very small chance she will get a roofie.

"Ok everyone take one!" Zayn cheered taking his. The bottle got passed around and I took one and I gave one to Claire. I smiled and swallowed mine and she swallowed hers soon after.

"This is gonna be fun." I whispered in her ear as I dragged her back into the dance floor. I wrapped my arms around her and we started swaying to the music. I had a couple of more drinks then everything went black. I had gotten a roofie.

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