Everyone thinks being famous is fun. All the money and girls but no one ever thinks about what happens behind the cameras and concerts. Well here's the life that's hidden from the paparazzi.


2. .2

I placed a cup of coffee and a cup of water on the small wooden table next to the lounge with a box of aspirin. His lifeless body was laying on the couch with my favourite wool blanket drooped over the top of him. I watch him through my glasses as I drank my cup of coffee from the kitchen. He slowly but surely woke with a sense of unsteadiness. "There's some aspirin. The coffee is to wake you up."

His eyes were squeezed shut and he hasn't laid eyes on where he was but he nodded his head reaching for the pills. He grabbed his coffee cup and sat up shaking his head, I guessed he had a terrible headache after the night he had. "You - you're the girl from the club right?" He asked I surely waving his hand around trying to focus his mind on what happened. "Cassandra right? Claire? Whatever you're name is."

"I'm not sure who Cassandra - or Claire - is but I'm sure she'd be relieved to know that you still don't know her name." I laughed as I walked over looking at the distorted boy.

"Who are you then?" He asked rubbing his temples and taking sips of coffee.

"I'm the girl that found you in an alley way laying in your own vomit." I explained. "Also the girl who gave you a shower and a bed until you decided to wake up after - what is it now? - Thirteen hours. The name is Agnes." He groaned with realisation spread all over his face. I was only left to guess what was on his mind because he didn't have much to say except for the sound of him slurping his coffee and groaning every now and then. I grew quite tired of his slow actions and started to make myself the usual pancakes and piled them onto a plate with banana and maple syrup. "Would you like any?"

He simply nodded to accept my offer and I fished him up a plate and set it on the counter. He joined me in sitting at the counter to eat breakfast. "Would it be okay if I asked for a glass of milk?" He said before he stuffed a pancake into his mouth. He paused for a moment then chewed then swallowed. "These are the best what the hell did you put in them?"

"Thank you and yeah sure i'll grab you a glass." I starting eating some pancakes thoroughly enjoying them as I do every weekend. He suddenly groaned and held his head in his hands not looking too well.

"Where is the bathroom?" I dragged him over to my small toilet and he started to let out his breakfast. I scrunched my nose in disgust but never the less kneeled next to him and rubbed his back to comfort him. When he seemed to be finished I handed him wet wipes and a hand towel to clean himself.

He proceeded to clean himself and flush the toilet, I sprayed some air freshener and it was as if it never happened. Although he was sitting against the bathroom wall watching me in silence as I returned everything. "Why are you being so nice?"

"I can be an asshole if you want." I replied in a sweet tone as I sat next to him. He just chuckled at my sarcasm.

"No, no, it's just that most girls would probably have freaked out." He explained as he fiddled with his fingers. "You're the first to treat me like a person I suppose."

"Well you are a person, why should I treat as any less of one because you are famous?" He seemed cheered up after I said that, it was the truth though. He was just as much of a person as I was. I wasn't a huge fan but I had some of their music, more of their latest. "Come on you still look like shit you need to take the day to relax." I said as I stood up and offered him a hand. "Oh - unless you have somewhere to be?"

"No where at all the tour just ended and we are taking a year off, we were out celebrating last night." He explained as he gladly took my hand and pulled himself up. "I like drinking but honestly this is the first time it's gotten that out of hand."

"You really don't need to explain yourself to me-"

"I just don't want you to think of me as this person." His Irish accent suddenly more prominent and his icy blue eyes slightly droopy in hope. I smiled softly as a gesture that i wasn't going to hold a grudge.

"Come on." I lead him to the living room where I shut the blinds to dim the light streaming and I decided to put on Peter Pan as he agreed. We talked as we watched and I learned plenty about him. He was extremely bubbly and funny but also shy and quiet at certain times. His company was more than pleasant and I felt like I had made a friend. A good friend.

The time passes fairly quickly after we decided on also watching Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella. My Disney movie collection was enough to keep him occupied until nine o'clock that afternoon. He seemed in a much better condition but not well enough to walk home alone or drive.

"Let me give you a lift, I still think you might fall over on your way there." I laughed as I grabbed my keys. He giggles but agreed to let me drive him. We left my apartment and we walked down the stairs to the parking lot. My jet black FJ cruiser stood stationary waiting to be driven, I unlocked her and slid into the front seat whilst Niall did the same in the passengers seat.

"I like your car." He announced as he scanned all the features from the interior. I thanked him and started the car. Melanie Martinez started blasting through the speakers from the disc I had put in but I lowered the volume a pinch so that I could hear myself think. "Who's this artist?"

"Her name is Melanie Martinez she's become popular recently and I like her music." I stated as I tapped along to the beat of 'Cry Baby'. I turned it down slightly as he gave me directions to his studio apartment which was also just outside of the city. I parked in the parking lot and looked up at the building. "Well it was nice to meet you Niall." I smiled at him.

"Yeah it was really nice to me you too." He smiled looking at me for a brief moment before getting out of the car. "I guess I'll see you around Agnes."

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