Everything Has Changed (Dangerously In Love sequel)

(ON HOLD) Things are different between Georgia and Niall. A lot different. But with certain events, will they go back to how they were before?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3




The street was abnormally quiet. I literally tiptoed so as not to disturb the silence that has fallen on the street. There were morning joggers that jogged up and down every few minutes, there were people who walked as quietly as I did going in and out different shops. I finally stopped at the coffee shop Harrison and I always met up at.

It’s been a week since I’ve graduated and California’s been hotter than ever. Harrison moved into his own apartment two days after graduation and I moved into mine just yesterday two streets away from his. It’s also been a week since I’ve last seen Niall. My head still can’t get him out. It’s unfair for me to think about him. Especially now that I’ve got Harrison and even more how much I hurt him when we broke up. 

The bell rang as I opened the door. Harrison waved his hand from our usual spot in a booth at the back of the shop. I smiled at Molly who was working behind the barrister.

“Hey, baby,” he smiled as he got up and kissed me on the cheek.

I smiled shyly and sat down across from him. It was almost tradition to meet up at the coffee shop at eight in the morning. During our time in the academy, we’d always meet up here so we could walk together to the academy since it was only a few blocks away. Molly would join us sometimes but most of the times it was just Harrison and I.

“How are you?” He asked. He always asked me this question. When I asked him why, he said he always needs reassurance to know that I’m okay. Sometimes it’s aggravating and sometimes I find it so weird that he’d ask that.

“Fine,” I replied.

“Have you packed everything?” He asked.

I nodded. “But I’m going to drive to Bane tomorrow to drop off some things. My mother, for some weird reason, wants some of my things to put into my room. She’s the queen of sentimentality.”

He chuckled. “I love your mom.”

“Well, you kind of can’t not,” I rolled my eyes. I never told him about the time in senior year where she was a total bitch to me. I actually told him nothing of senior year.

“What are you going to do today?” He asked me after he took a drink from his macchiato.

“It’s Zayn’s and Cindy’s housewarming party tonight. I’m going to find them a housewarming gift,” I answered.

“Shit, that’s today?” He asked. I refrained from rolling my eyes. Trust him to forget something like this. 

“Yeah. Do you want to come with me?” I asked. He grinned in reply and I knew that was a yes. Molly set down my latte in front of me and we spoke for a bit before a customer came in and she had to go serve them.

When I finished my latte, we left the shop with a goodbye to Molly. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail knowing that the heat would make it stick to the back of my neck. Harrison grabbed my hand and we walked down the street of shops together, walking in and out of home stores. I don’t exactly know what the ideal housewarming gift  was but I decided on a cutlery and china set that I knew Cindy wouldn’t use unless the Queen was coming to stay with her (despite what it said on the invitation).

“I got a job,” he blurted out as we walked home.

My eyebrows widened in surprise and I stopped walking. I looked at his face, his lips were in a tight line, his brown eyes looking everywhere but me. I was happy for him but it looked like he wasn’t happy with his decision. “Where?” I asked with a light tone.

“San Jose,” he replied.

Oh. I didn’t speak for a while. I didn’t know what to say. I don’t want him to move five hours away. I won’t just lose a boyfriend, I’d lose a best friend. I can’t even do long distance relationships, I get paranoid and I lose control of myself. “Good for you,” I utter even though I could feel my heart breaking.

He exhaled heavily. “Georgia, if you don’t want me to go, I won’t. I’ll stay for you.”

I can’t let him do that. It’s his career and if he got a job five hours away then he got a job five hours away and I can’t stop him from doing that. I shook my head. “No, you have to go.”

“I love you, Georgia. Don’t ever forget that,” he said as he caressed my cheek.

“I love you too,” I mumbled as I kissed his lips softly. 

We continued walking in silence. When we stopped at my building, he made no move to walk me up even though that’s what he does usually. It made my heart ache even more. “When do you leave?” I whispered.

“In two weeks,” he answered.

I inhaled then nodded. “Don’t forget to go to Cindy’s at 5.”

“Do you want me to pick you up?” he asked hopefully.

I smiled sadly and didn’t answer but he knew exactly what my answer was.

“Okay,” he sighed. “I love you.”

I gave him a small smile and walked into my building. My heart ached. 


As I walked up the steps to Cindy and Zayn’s new apartment. I constantly fluffed my hair and fixed the skirt of my dress. Her presents, wrapped as neatly as I could, was in my arms so I knew that the china wouldn’t break. Once i reached her door, I took a deep breath in and knocked.

“Hey, Georgia!” Cindy grinned as she opened it. The music was low and there were only five or so people inside. The food was set on the coffee table as well as the dining table that was just visible through the door.

“Hi,” I smiled and held out the presents.

“Georgia you shouldn’t have!” She said with a sigh. (She specifically said no presents but I don’t really care, she’s my best friend.)

“But I did. No give backs,” I grinned.

She rolled her eyes. “Did we somehow end up in middle school?” 

I laughed. “Come in,” she ushered.

I walked in to her already fully furnished apartment even though she’s only been living in it for as long as I’ve lived in mine. “How did you get everything unpacked so quickly?”

She smirked. “I have superpowers.”

“You made Zayn do all of it, didn’t you?” I deadpanned.

“Of course not. I made Niall do it too,” she laughed but then her laughter died when she realised what she said. “Shit, sorry.”

“It’s okay, Cindy. I’ve said this already, his name isn’t a taboo. You can say it as much as you want,” I told her. 

“Where’s your boyfriend?” She asked and I could tell she was trying to change the subject to a much lighter one when in reality it was heavier than the Niall situation.

“He’s coming later,” I said.

“Why didn’t you come together?” She asked and it made me hate the fact that she was an inquisitive person.

I took a deep breath in. “Because we’re going to break up soon.”

Her eyes widened. “Why?”

I opened my mouth to tell her when, thankfully, Zayn appeared and gave me a hug. “Hey, Georgia! Thanks for coming.”

I never felt so grateful for Zayn’s presence. “No problem, Zayn.”

He grinned and wrapped his arms around a very shell-shocked Cindy. “What’s the matter, babe?”

“Nothing, she’s fine,” I replied for her. Zayn didn’t believe me but thankfully let it slide. She gave me a look that told me our conversation wasn’t over but then proceeded to give me a brief tour of the apartment.

When she finished her very brief and very vague tour, she led me back to the living room in which there were more people than before. Cindy left me to say hello to a few of her guests that she used to know. I walked over to the drinks and poured myself some merlot.

“Georgia,” an arm was placed on my shoulder unexpectedly and I almost spilled my merlot. I turned to find myself in front of Jared. He looked older and more mature than he did when we graduated high school. His usual black shaggy hair was now short and cropped. He had stubble growing all over his chin. The only thing that stayed the same was his partly boyish green eyes. I could tell that he’s dropped the player act he had in high school.

“Oh, Jared!” I smiled and gave him a hug.

“How have you been? How was Vegas?” I asked him before taking sip.

“I’ve been good. Vegas was great. Who knew I’d be living in the City of Sin for four years,” he snorted. 

“No one would’ve guessed,” I laughed. “So what have you graduated as?”

He grinned proudly. “Jared Buchanan, Architect.”

“Architecture? Wow!” I said. I never knew Jared liked anything to do with drawing buildings.

“Yeah. Turns out, I’m pretty good at maths and can draw pretty cool buildings. I got an internship at this architecture business in Vegas and they want me back full time in two months,” he replied.

“No way, good for you!” I told him.

He smiled. “Thank you. What about you? What did you graduate as?”

I laughed and saluted him. “Officer Georgia Brink.”

“You’re an officer? As in police?” He asked and I nodded. “Oh, god, the irony of this.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I realised.”

“So how have you and Niall been?” He asked and my laughter died.

“Well, it’s not Niall and I anymore. It’s Niall and it’s me,” I replied.

“Oh, what happened?” He asked.

“Long story,” I replied and he just nodded, seeming to accept my answer even though I knew he was bursting with curiosity.

“Have you talked to him at all?” He asked.

I nodded and took another sip. “Spoke to him last week after I graduated.”

“Was it awkward?” He asked.

I tilted my hand in a “sort of” gesture. “We didn’t talk much and we were at a party so I got myself distracted.”

He was about to open his mouth to talk when I spotted Harrison walk in. I wanted to walk right over to him but I couldn’t help but remember that we were going to break up soon and it stopped me from going to him. Jared looked at him and back at me with a confused expression.

“Do you know him?” He asked.

I sighed. “He’s my boyfriend.”

His eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Boyfriend? Then why don’t you seem happy to see him?”

“He’s moving to San Jose in two weeks,” I answered.

“San Jose? That’s life five hours from here,” he replied.

I looked at him blankly. “I noticed.”

“Aw, Georgie,” he cooed and pulled me in for a hug. I pushed him off me.

“I thought I told you never to call me Georgie again four years ago,” I reminded him.

He shrugged. “It’s been four years, Georgie, don’t ruin my moment.”

I rolled my eyes. “I should go say hi to him before he thinks I’ve already got myself another boyfriend. Come with me and I’ll introduce you.”

“Okay,” he grinned and we walked up to Harrison together.

I gave Harrison a kiss on the cheek and wrapped my arm around his waist. “Hey,” I whispered.

“Hi,” he murmured.

“Harrison, this is Jared. We went to high school together,” I told him, gesturing to Jared. “Jared, this is my boyfriend Harrison.”

They shook hands and talked small talk for a bit before Harrison got distracted with the food Cindy just brought out. Then we were left alone.

“For a second I thought you already replaced me,” he half joked.

I smiled sadly. “Of course not.”

“I love you,” he whispered. I knew he was going to be saying that a lot for the next two weeks.

“I love you too,” I replied and brought his head down for a kiss.






How long has it been? A month? Guess it’s going to be monthly updates until I can start finding inspiration and motivation and determination and all the -ation words. Sorry.


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