In between

Emily and Luke where best friends since the first grade but Luke had some feelings for Emily,and now he wanted to tell her all about it. What is Luke going to do when Emily tells him that she met someone that she really likes and is not him?


2. Waiting

Emily's POV It's 10:30 a.m. and I only have 5 hours left to get ready for my date. I can't believe this is actually happening. I met this amazing guy and I think he is the one. I know i met him like a week ago but i think i'm falling for him. We've been texting since the night of the day we met. He is such a gentle man but at the same time a really funny guy he always makes me laugh. He always texts me good morning and good night, and tells me he can't wait to see me again. I think I'm in love. I went downstairs to eat some breakfast, I call a couple of time my dad but he didn't answer, he most had leaved to work already. If you are asking were is my mom well she died on a car accident the summer before I started First grade. That's how I met Luke. When my mom died it was to much for my father to take in so he decided to move with me to this town, and I've lived here since then. I always wanted a little brother or sister but my dad never re-married so I'm an only child. i ate some pancakes with bacon and headed upstairs to get ready. I went to the bathroom and took a shower, brushed my teeth, did my hair as a pony tail,it maid my brown hair look really nice , then i looked for what to wear. I decided to wear some jean shorts with a t-shirt that said NO MORE WASTING TIME, i thinks is a cool t-shirt, then I looked for my white converses and some wrist bands. Now time for my makeup. i didn't want to put so much makeup since is early so i did it natural and a bit of eyeliner to make my brown eyes pop a little more. It was already 12:30 only 2 hours and a have more to go! I decide to watch a movie to kill time. About have an hour had pass and the doorbell ringed. who could that be? I walked to the door and when I open it Luke was standing there. "HI" Luke said. "Hi Luke what are you doing here?" I asked a bit curious. " I wanted to meet this guy you are going out with. I'm your best friend and i need to know if you are going to be in good hands." "Aww that's so nice of you, but trust me you don't have to worry he's a really nice guy." "Anyways i'm going to make shore is a good guy." " OK whatever. Hey i'm watching the Hunger Games, want to watch it with me?" I asked changing the subject. " Yeah I'll love too." He said with a big smile on his face. Luke's POV So i decided to go to Emily's house to see who this guy is. I need to know everything so that I can sabotage their date or at least make Emily change her mind about him. When i got to Emily's house i told her that I was there to make shore she was going to be in good hands but trust me that's not what i went there for. I'm just pretending like i don't have feelings for her just like I've done all these years. Then she invited me in to watch the Hunger Games with her. When we got to the part where Rue gets killed she started crying a little and I decided to make a move. I wrapped her in my arms till the movie was over. When the movie ended i looked her in the eyes and she looked me back with a smile on her face I was about to lean in to kiss her but the doorbell ranged. Shit! " That most be him. He said he'll pick me up at 3:00 p.m." She said really happy while walking to the front door. " Great i'm finally going to meet him!" i said sarcastically, and walking to the kitchen to get some water. " Hi, please come in" i hear Emily say. " How are you? " I hear a guy's voice say. It sounded familiar that voice. " I'm good thanks for asking. I want you to meet my best friend. Come!" "OH OK" he said She walked to were I was and said... " This is my best friend Luke, Luke this is..." I cut her and said " Niall" with a dead look in my eyes. " So you guys know each other?" she said looking at both of us. " Yeah we are cousins." he said looking at Emily. We may be cousins but we ain't friends. We've hate each other since forever we always fought until one day my aunt Maura decided to move to another city so that she could help her other sister Clara my other aunt. "When did you come back?" I asked really curios. "I came back Two weeks ago. My mother is going on a work trip and i decided to make my dad some company, and since I'm still in high school i decide to change schools to be with Emily. We have like 6 months left before this school year is over so i'm going to spend it whit her before i head to college and she turns in to a senior." Niall said and look at her with a big smile . "Well Luke we are going to go now. Since you guys are cousins i assume it's OK with you to let me go out with him right?" she said waiting for an answer. I looked at her and then at Niall and then at her again. Right now it was bad already that she was dating my cousin and i don't want to have a fight with him so I said yes so that I don't disappoint her. " Yeah go have fun" I said not meaning the words I just said. "Thank you bye" she said with a huge smile on her face. Of all the guys in the world it had to be him, it had to be Niall. He maid my life miserable when we were kids but I never told Emily. I HATE HIM! Everything that was mine he had to have it and it seems is not over yet cause Emily was mine and now he has her. This seems to never end. What am I going to do now? oh You'll see. this is going to end really bad for him Oh yes. Niall's POV It's 2:45 and i'm driving to her house. I am so happy we met. if things go right with me and her I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend. She is so funny and pretty. I'm so glad i came to make my dad some company. I'm going to tell her that I decided to switch schools just to be with her. I am the Football team captain so i'll join the team of this school too. I've been driving for 15 minutes and i finally got to Emily's house. i got out of the car and ranged the doorbell. " Hi, please come in" Emily said to me. Oh how much i missed her we've only seen each other once and then we texted so yeah i miss her. " How are you? " I asked her being polite. " I'm good thanks for asking. I want you to meet my best friend. Come!" She told me and i was really curious of who I was going to meet. "OH OK" i said She walked to the kitchen and there was a guy. " This is my best friend Luke, Luke this is..." he cut her words and said " Niall" with a dead look in his eyes. I tough he was going to kill me or something it was a bit creepy. " So you guys know each other?" she said looking at both of us. Well, well, well if its not Luke. i couldn't stand him he was always taking my stuff and when i took it back he got angry saying that it was his. We never got along, I tried to have a friend ship with him and finally be cousins but he just wouldn't try. I'm surprised that Emily is his friend. He never got along with anyone, he always fought about anything and then he used to say that the entire world was against him. I felt bad for him sometimes. " Yeah we are cousins." I said looking at Emily. She just looks so beautiful i can't take my eyes off of her. After telling them what I was doing in this town again Emily started talking "Well Luke we are going to go now. Since you guys are cousins i assume it's OK with you to let me go out with him right?" she said waiting for Luke to answer. " Yeah go have fun" Luke said not sounding really pleased. "Thank you, bye" she said with a huge smile on her face. OH GOD I LOVE THAT SMILE.
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