Teribble Fan Fiction

Um lik dis is gunna b lik da WRST fan fic evs! Hahahaha lets see how bad this can get!


2. gbkcjgch JIBRISH

i lukd ut mu windoo. thr ws da boy i luvd. "louise! cuman gt my!" him try 2 clime op mu wal butt it fat an tal. "bby let merry 2night! den av kiddys an b rich!" "yas bby! let do it!


" u may kis da brid!" hem kis ws majck i <3 it. "i luv u bby!" him stop kissen and hand my paprs. "ur divorce paprs. we throw!" him run way an i cries. i fel wird an pukd. mu ey wid. "i pregers!"


WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS! spot all the mistakes and comment them to me! thanks my little grown-ups!

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