Fantastic Five?

My adaptation of the Fantastic Four series by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Very different from their plot structure but same characters (give or take on origin) New villains, adventures and alliances. Action, romance, and fighting forces that want to destroy the planet, what more could you want in a superhero adventure?


1. Hi, My Name is...

Reed Richards was in his laboratory… fast asleep… again. Susan Richards (married to Reed and had the ring to prove it) sighed as she walked over to wake him up.

“You really need to sleep in a bed honey” she said gently when he awoke with a start.

Reed sighed, “I know, I know. This project just needs to be done on time or NASA will get someone else to do it and I won’t get paid.”

“I’m aware of that but hun, look at your face, you haven’t been outside in weeks and you’re getting more grey hair.”

“Well what am I supposed to do Susan? You’re busy enough with the media and our sponsors. Ben’s trying to re-kindle his and Suzie’s relationship. There’s no one else to help!”

“Reed, have you ever thought of hiring an assistant?”

Mr. Fantastic looked aghast at this proposition, “An assistant? A random person handling my equipment? I’d have to train them! I’d have to make sure they don’t spill all our secrets to other competitors!”

Susan kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “Maybe it’s time for a change. It would leave you more time to join me in bed wouldn’t it?”

Reed watched as his wife walked out of the room. He sighed to himself, ‘More time with her isn’t such a bad idea’ He concluded to himself, ‘Tomorrow I’ll start my search’.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Two weeks later, Reed still hadn’t found anyone worthy to be his assistant. He had started off with high hopes but those were soon dashed after his first few interviews. He just couldn’t win; if they were great at mechanical engineering, they were terrible at human biology. If they were skilled at physics, they were terrified about space and aliens. He was at his wit’s end. The time Reed was putting into these interviews could have been put towards his project.

Susan was very understanding but she was always away at meetings or conferences. Ben was also out of the house, going on dates with his ex-wife. The only one left in the house was… Johnny. The Human Torch did nothing to help Reed in his search for an assistant. The girls he interviewed were very few and the ones that seemed promising fell for all of Johnny’s prompts, Reed was pretty sure one of them even stayed the night. Reed needed someone who could handle Johnny and not be distracted from their work.

Reed was in his make-shift interviewing room with his head in his hands when he heard the next person for the interview come in.

Johnny answered the door, “Well helloooo gorgeous, would a stunning woman like yourself be here to see little ol’ me?” Reed could hear Johnny lay on the charm; he didn’t have high hopes for this one.

“Well unless you’re Dr. Richards and you’re welcoming me to my interview, you can’t help me”

Reed raised his head from his hands at the sound of the snippy female voice. He heard mumbled voices and came out of his office. A young woman was walking towards him. She dressed in business casual, a flowy pink shirt with a black blazer over top, black dress pants and closed toe back shoes. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a pony-tail and she adjusted her black-framed glasses as she drew nearer to him. She looked like a business woman/ librarian; he could see how Johnny would be interested in her.

“We’ll I’m going to assume you’re Dr. Richards judging by your lab coat.” She told him, looking him up and down.

Reed nodded and shook her hand. He invited her into his office and the interview started. He learned that she had studied his previous inventions/projects at school and was well learned in the type of research he did. Although she wasn’t as familiar with the topics as previous applicants, she was a quick learner. Finally, Reed asked her the make-it-or-break-it that had caused many other applicants to immediately turn down and make them head for the door.

“Wonderful wonderful, I just have one last question for you”, Reed cleared his throat, “One of the terms for this job would be to live here, at the Baxter building.” The woman nodded but didn’t say anything.

Reed continued, “Most of the work will need 24 hour observation and unfortunately there aren’t any other residential areas close by that are open…. I checked”

The woman nodded again, “I’m ok with that, I just moved into town anyways and was staying at a hotel until I got a job.”

“Well that’s wonderful!” Reed stood up smiling, “You’ve got the job, welcome to the team Ms. …” Reed looked down at the resume in front of him. The woman stood up as well, smiling slightly.

“It’s Crystalia Amaquelin, but you can just call me Crystal”  

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