Fantastic Five?

My adaptation of the Fantastic Four series by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Very different from their plot structure but same characters (give or take on origin) New villains, adventures and alliances. Action, romance, and fighting forces that want to destroy the planet, what more could you want in a superhero adventure?


5. Frozen

A few hours later the group of five arrived at Reid and Susan’s cottage outside of the city. The gorgeous log cabin was surrounded by trees and shrubbery. A small body of water, too big for a pond but too small for a lake, was just a few steps from the house.

“Well? What do you guys think?” Reid asked Ben, Johnny and Crystal.

“I’m impressed you guys, nice choice” Ben said and immediately went inside the cabin to apply sunscreen. His rock head got very hot and burned easily.

“How long have you had this place? And why haven’t I known about it? Johnny demanded.

“We bought it as a place to get away from everything, even you Johnny” Susan said, hugging Reid around his waist. She looked at Crystal, “And how do you like it Crys?”

Crystal turned to them, her eyes sparkling, “I love it. It’s so beautiful. All the trees remind me a bit of home” She turned to look at the water again and then back at Reid, “Actually, is there any…wildlife in there?” She asked pointing at the water.

Reid and Susan smiled, “Nope, nothing at all”

“So I can…” Crystal trailed off at the sight of the massive grins on their faces.

“That’s why we brought you here. Go for it, no one besides us can see you here” Susan prodded.

Crystal didn’t need to be asked twice. She immediately ran to the pond and stepped onto the water. Her foot froze the water beneath her, holding her weight as she stepped down. Crystal continued to run, freezing the pond as she went. In the middle of the pond she stood still for a moment and concentrated hard. Suddenly a large cracking noise could be heard as a platform of ice rose from the center, taking Crystal with it.

High above the ground, Crystal began playing with her powers. She made great snowballs that exploded into millions of snowflakes around her. Next, she made the snowflakes swirl around her in an icy breeze. A spiral slide of smooth ice was made down from the platform. Instead of sliding on her stomach or bottom like the watchers thought, Crystal made a small ice saucer and rode it down the slide like a snowboarder taking a half-pipe. Getting back to the top of the platform was easy with the help of a little ice/snow/water wave that Crystal controlled. Her laughter was contagious and soon, Reid, Susan and Johnny were all chuckling with her.

“She’s watched that Disney movie, Frozen, way too many times” Reid said shaking his head and laughing. Indeed a chorus of the famous song, “Let it go”, made its way to their ears.

“Aw give her a break. It would be cool finding out you had the same powers as your favorite Disney princess.” Susan replied.

“I thought that was the ONLY princess that had powers?” Reid asked slyly. Susan punched his arm lightly.

“Awe, where’d the sun go?”

The trio laughed even more at Ben’s words. He had reemerged from the cabin, dressed like he was about to spend a day in the sun and heat.

“Shall I go test her little ice sculpture?” Johnny asked Reid and Susan. He half expected them to say no but it didn’t hurt to ask.

“Yes, go ahead.” Reid replied, surprising Johnny, “It will give her good practice for when she comes on missions with us”

Johnny didn’t need to be asked twice. He immediately flamed up and flew towards Crystal on top of her platform.

“Hey Sparky, look at this!” Crystal exclaimed when she saw Johnny. She held out a small ball of ice for him to look at. Inside the ice were tiny bubbles of water that she had captured and froze in the ice.

“Neat!” Johnny exclaimed. He could see the level of control she had for her power. Johnny flew off the platform and hovered a few feet away. He sent a small fireball careening towards the side of the platform. The ball exploded in a fiery mess. Johnny inspected where the ball had hit.

“Nothing!” He exclaimed out loud.

“Gotta try harder than that to break this baby” Crystal said tauntingly from the top of the platform. She had created a throne-like chair and was sitting on it looking very confident.

Johnny couldn’t wait to wipe that look off her face. He quickly threw more fireballs at the structure, each increasing with intensity. Still, no damage was done. Johnny started to get mad. He flew around the platform in a fiery circle, making sure to press his enflamed body against it.

“Still nothing!” Johnny exclaimed. Crystal laughed and jumped off her throne. She surfed down her slide again and left Johnny to try and figure out how to destroy her massive ice sculpture.

“Good work Crys!” Ben praised as Crystal got closer to the three adults watching from the side of the pond.

“Why thank you Ben” Crystal said with a little bow. The four of them watched as Johnny tried and tried to break down her ice sculpture, failing every time.

“Your powers are progressing” Reid remarked.

Crystal shrugged, “I learned to harness my anger and put it towards my powers. Seemed to have worked well so far.”

“I’ll say. Johnny’s going to be so tired after this!” Susan said, “Maybe he’ll sleep on the way back”

“Oh Suzie, don’t get our hopes up” Ben replied. Johnny had sat in the shotgun seat with his headphones in his ears. His tapping foot and off key humming had made everyone want to kill him.

“Reid, do you think I can control other elements besides water? Like, I can control the snowflakes in flight, making them into a type of breeze. Maybe I could just control the air too?” Crystal asked.

Reid put a hand on his chin then nodded slowly, “Hmm…air does consist of the particle that make up water…it could be possible! We’ll run some more tests back home.” Reid and Crystal began discussing the possibilities as Johnny flew back over to the group exhausted.

“Man, that will NOT go down!” Johnny exclaimed, “Can YOU even unfreeze it Crys?”

Crystal smiled slyly at the group, her back to the ice sculpture, and snapped her fingers. Immediately a large cracking could be heard and Reid, Susan, Ben, and Johnny all watched in shock as the sculpture behind Crystal broke in half and immediately fell into the water. Within seconds all the ice and snow turned back into its liquid state of good old water.

Crystal rubbed her hands together excitedly, “Now, let’s all enjoy the sun shall we?” 

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