The Hanging Place

Katie, how could someone not love her? It seemed imposible. But that was grade 6. Now in grade 10, she suffers. Her dad is phsyco and beats her, her mom thinks she is a slut and her sister is as bad as both parents. Katie also LOVES to sing. But her dads number one rule is NO singing. At school eather she is ignored, or being bullied. She thought that she had one friend, but she left heer and joined the "it" girls. She loves one direction but her dad wont let her have anything to do with them. Her only wish, to be free. She cuts. And when she cuts, she cuts a picture into her arm. And the picture is always a rope, tied in a loop, A hanging rope. But, louis changes it.


1. Chapter 1



I walked. I started to run. I ran to the park, and into the trees. There, I found the cave. The cave wich I had found ling ago. I stoped running, inches from the entrance. I walked into the cave and I saw the light. I kept walked tell I reached the end. I pushed past the vines and there, was the most beautiful site I hade ever seen. There was a water fall that led to a small river into a pond. the pond had fish and frog in it. It was crystal water, thats how pure it looked. I sometimes dreamed that if you drank it all problems would disapear. The place was filled with sun, yet the only person I knew that knew about tgis place was me. In the very center there was a tree. It was an oak, huge and healthy. It had many branches. My thoughts flickerd to memories. I remember when I was five, I was playing hade and seek with my sister and I found this place. I didnt dare tell her because it was my secret. I gripped my backpack. In it was about half a meter of rope, a knife, and a book on how to tie differnt knots. I walked over to the tree in the very center of this magical place. I unzipped my backpack and took out its contents, shivering when I touched them. I grabbed the rope and book and flipped to page 107, a loop knot. I started tying, and soon had a very well done loop. I cut off the ecstra with the knife. I started cutting my arm. When I was done I took out soem bandaids from the hole in the tree I store my stuff in. The picture I had cut looked like the knot I had just tied. It did on purpose. I took the other end of the rope and tied it high of the ground to a branch, about ten feet in the air. I wasnt going to hang myself today, it had to wait. I put my knife and book into the tree hole and started home. I didnt want to leave. I felt safe here. Safe from everythig.


"WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SINGING YOUNG LADY!" My dad yelled at me at the dinner table. "Not to or I would be punished." I looked down ready for my punishment. "Thats right. And what did you do?" I looked down at me shoes. "I sang." He slapped me. "NEVER SING IN THIS HOUSE OR ANYWERE AGAIN YOU GOT THAT BITCH!" I started to cry. "Yes" I tried to stop but I couldnt. "GO TO YOUR ROOM! NOW!" He punched me in the gut. I whimperd. My dad thretend another punch so I shut up and went to my room. "Why cant I live a normal life like other kids?" I mumbled to myself. All of a sudden my sister slamed my door open. "Because your a bitch and a whore! Thats probably why you were late coming home!" I looked down. "Your lucky, because Im about to make you a deal." I looked up. "If you do all my homework for a month I wont tell mom and dad, but if you dont," she smirked. "Say goodbye to being white." I gulped. "Ok." I managed to croak. "Good! I have a math project due in two days so get to work, NOW!" She threttend to punch me. I nodded and got to work. I hate my family.

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