Tearing at the Seams

As soon as Sherlock is exiled, his brother calls him back for a new case: Moriarty. After what happened the first time, Sherlock doesn't want John anywhere near this case, but John is too stubborn to listen. How will he cope when things take a turn for the worse? Can he ever forgive himself?


7. Chapter 7

~~Moriarty sat in his plush swivel chair facing Mary. She had a slight smile on her face. She obviously wished that there was another way, but she knew that if she wanted to protect herself and her child, she had to do whatever Moriarty said. He was glad that she was scared of him. Everyone should fear him.

However, he was becoming quite concerned with the absence of Sherlock. He should have been here by now. It had been two hours since the call, and the room in the tunnels was only a half an hour away. Even though it was a complicated network, Sherlock had been shown the tunnels and how to get to the room. And he wouldn’t forget. However, just in case John caught on, Sherlock requested that there be obvious clues leading them there. Well, obvious for Sherlock, such as a drip around a certain corner, dirt compacted more one way, how busy the street was during Mary’s fake emergency call. Things that normal people just wouldn’t catch. Moriarty had disdainfully agreed. His pet had a pet of his own, and he was jealous.

Not burning jealousy, but just enough for Sherlock to notice. Just enough for Sherlock to enjoy annoying James with talk about John.

After another hour or so of Moriarty slowly swiveling in his chair and Mary thinking about her future, a loud crash finally broke their trances.

Sherlock strode in with his better-than-you attitude and Moriarty stood up. “Oh, Sherlock! I’m so glad you could make it. What took you so long? Got lost in my network?”

“James.” Sherlock sneered at him as John rushed over to Mary, who had already stood up. Instead of rushing to his arms, however, she stared hard and cold at him. She knew that in order for this to work, she had to not care about John. Even though at the beginning, she really didn’t, she had grown to love John and his over protective ways. But if she was ever going to escape Moriarty and her past, now was her only chance.

John slowed down, confused at the hatred in Mary’s eyes. Sebastian Moran’s strong hands grab John’s arms and hold them behind his back as Mary starts to approach him. “John.” She acknowledged, her coldness never leaving.

“M-Mary? What’s going on?” John weakly asked, not bothering an attempt to break free from Moriarty’s henchman.

“Oh, John. Don’t you understand? This was the plan all along.”

“Sherlock?” John turned wildly around, trying to see his friend. The arms wouldn’t let him go, and Sherlock, ashamed, couldn’t face John.
“I did what I had to John. To protect you.”

“To protect me?” John whispered. Then he shouted, “To protect me?!? What about Mary? What about Amanda?!?”   

Sherlock looked down, unable to form words. He couldn’t lose his only friend. He couldn’t lose the man he loved. He couldn’t lose John.

Mary stepped forward, “I can take care of myself and my daughter.” John stared at her blankly and she took this as her cue to continue. “You didn’t look on the flash drive, so you don’t know the hell I went through. Being an orphan, and after thirteen years, finally being adopted, by a bunch of perverts. I-I had two abortions by the time I was fifteen.” Mary choked up, the memories too painful for her. “Then—then SCORPIA saved me. My owner owed some money, but never paid it back. It was SCORPIA’S job to kill him. I was the only one who got away, because I hid in the agents car. The other girls,” Mary shuddered, “I don’t quite remember.

“When the agent found me, scared and shaking in his backseat, he said I had two options. He could either kill me then, or I could join SCORPIA. Well, it’s obvious what I chose. I quickly learned what it took to be an assassin, and became one of the best. I stopped counting how many I had killed after one hundred. But during one mission, I was caught trying to kill him.” She gestured over to Moriarty. “And he said that either he would kill me, or he’d send me back to SCORPIA and they would have the honors. But I was stupid enough to make a deal with him: as long as he protected me from SCORPIA, I would work for him.

And that, John, is why we met. Why we got married. Because it was my job.”

Silence filled the air as John comprehended what his wife had just admitted. Finally, a slow clap started, “Well done Mary. Right? Not only did she lie to you about her past, but she lied to you about your future! Oh, Johnny boy. How do you feel, now that you know the truth?”

This taunt gave John the strength he needed as he broke free from Sebastian and bolted towards Moriarty himself. “This isn’t her fault! You—you were the one messing with me!” As John was caught in his rage, he didn’t notice the man that had been holding him turned to Mary.

“Mary!” Sherlock called out, rushing towards her. Mary screamed a sharp, high pitched screech that broke John’s anger.

The man stepped away from Mary just as Sherlock reached her. But the knife was already lodged in her stomach. Blood started to flow down her white shirt and she gagged in pain. “Mary! Mary, listen to me.” Sherlock yelled in her face. “Stay with me. Okay? Stay with me. No, don’t close your eyes, focus on me. Come on. It’s okay.”

She slumped down against the wall with her hand on the knife’s handle. “Amanda…” She whispered, slowly closing her eyes again. Her breaths becoming shorter as John, who had been stuck in a trance, finally rushed over to see Mary, but Sebastian’s fist collided with John’s cheek before he could reach Mary.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen…” Sherlock looked at Mary in defeat. He stood up and whipped his head around staring at James. “THIS,” Sherlock shouted, “This was… You promised you wouldn’t hurt her!” Sherlock started over to him with his fist tightening into a fist. He threw his fist at James, who just stood there and took it.

He laughed, “Oh, Sherlock. You actually believed I would tell you the truth?” James returned Sherlock’s punch then shook out his hand as Sherlock recovered. Sherlock went to throw his fist at James again, but he avoided it and grabbed Sherlock by the neck. Their mouths smashed together and Sherlock melted into the kiss as if they had done so thousands of times before. James pushed Sherlock away and slammed his fist into the side of Sherlock’s head, making him unconscious.


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