Tearing at the Seams

As soon as Sherlock is exiled, his brother calls him back for a new case: Moriarty. After what happened the first time, Sherlock doesn't want John anywhere near this case, but John is too stubborn to listen. How will he cope when things take a turn for the worse? Can he ever forgive himself?


2. Chapter 2

It took Sherlock a moment to process this, then he grabbed John's arm and ran down the stairs. "What room?" He shouted over his shoulder.


They reached the room in no time and before John could ask Sherlock to wait outside, he rushed in. Mary was in a lot of pain as Sherlock went to one side of her, and John went to the other. John immediatley took Mary's hand and Sherlock, seeing this, did the same. He ignored the pain shooting through his hand.

Mary let out a scream as the midwife told her to keep going.

After about another two hours of this, Sherlock heard a small cry and Mary released her grip. Sherlock sighed and shook out his hand.

The midwife handed the little bundle to Mary, "Have you picked out a name?"

Mary shook her head, and wiped a tear from her eye. John leaned forward, "How about Amanda?"

Mary nodded and smiled, "Amanda..." She whispered, John wiping the next tears for her eyes.

Sherlock, feeling that he was intruding, quietly slid out of the room and returned to the roof.


"So, you're back?"

"Of course, I couldn't stay away."

Irene chuckled, "Or you had to leave, because you're not a Watson."

Sherlock glared at her, "No. I just wanted to let them enjoy the new addition to their family."

"Of course." Irene was being sarcastic, but Sherlock didn't care, because she was right. "Now, where were we?"

"I do believe you were about to save my life." Sherlock winked famously at her.

"Why would I ever do that?"

"You may be working for Moriarty, but you are still in my debt. And you don't like oweing people."

Irene looked down, "Of course. I might be able to save your life, but I'm not making any promises for saving anyone else's life. Or your reputation."

"I don't care about my reputation. And John is staying out of this."

"I wouldn't be to sure about that." She stood up and walked over to sherlock, handing him a slip of paper. "If you ever need, or want me, call me." she whispered in Sherlocks ear. Then she seductively walked to the door and closed it behind her.

Sherlock sighed and sat on the ledge he had once jumped from. He didn't have a plan, yet. However, John needed to stay out of this or Moriarty could use him as a weak point. Again. He supposed he knew all along who had put John in the fire. Moriarty and his underground network just kept expanding, he had to cut it off at his head.

All wrapped up in his thoughts, Sherlock jumped when his phone rang.

"Sherlock? Where are you? Come on, don't you want to say 'Hi' to your god daughter?"

"Yeah, I'll be right there." Sherlock sounded confident, yet he didn't feel so. God daughter? Of course, he was John's best man, but Sherlock knew he wasn't good with kids. How would he ever take care of a child on his own? No, Sherlock brushed the thought off. Nothing was going to happen to John or Mary.

John was kneeling next to Mary, who was holding Amanda. Sherlock smiled at the sight of the beautiful family even though he still felt awkward.

"Come on, Sherlock. You're a part of this family too." John murmered, not taking his eyes off of his precious daughter.

Sherlock's smile grew warmer as he knelt next to John. He always knew what to say to Sherlock. Whether it was to help him focus on a case, or consul him, John was always there for Sherlock. But lately, he had been living his life with Mary, only calling Sherlock a few times a month. Maybe, this baby could bring them back together...

Amanda looked up at Sherlock and smiled, and Sherlock knew that she was a blessing to all of them.

After remaining there for another hour, both Amanda and Mary had fallen asleep. John leaned down to kiss Amanda and Mary's forehead and stood up, "My knees are killing me," John stood up, clutching his knees then stretching. "Come on, let's go get something to eat."

Sherlock took one more look at Mary and Amanda, then stood up and strode out of the room, letting John follow closely behind.

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