She had never imagined Harry being her boyfriend, they had only ever been just friends. But apparently they were more than that and she loved it.

She had been dating him for two years now and they loved each other as much as they had at the start. Until he takes her to meet the boys. And things start to happen between her and Niall


2. Hidden feelings

* Harry's POV *

"Because, I love you" I said feeling the relief of letting go of this secret come off my shoulders.

"I love you too" she said not giving me a chance to reply because her lips came crashing back into mine. I kissed her back but pulled away before it got to serious because I needed to ask her a question.

"Do you really?" I asked scratching my head and then running my hands through my hair.

"Yeah, I always have I just never knew how to tell you" she said looking down and blushing. She was so beautiful. I smiled and pulled her towards me until our lips were just millimetres away.

I closed the gap feeling her soft lips on mine. And I kissed her, never wanting it to end. I ran my hand through her silky jet black hair as I deepened the kiss, slipping my tongue inside her mouth, begging for entry. She let me of course. I decided to continue where I was going before and I grabbed the edge of her shirt, tugging on it. She knew what I wanted because she pulled away for a second, took her shirt off and continued kissing me.

I slid my hands up her body until they were at her breasts. They were massive for a girl her size. But I didn't just like her for her boobs, I liked everything about her, her jet black hair, her sea blue eyes. She was perfect. I could feel her hands running up and down my abbs, and at this point, I was thankful that I had only been wearing my boxers before.

My hands found their way to the button on her shorts and I undid it with ease. I pulled them of her and chucked them on the ground.

"Um, Harry?" I heard a voice say. Immediately stopped kissing her and looked up, seeing my mum standing at the door. Crystal rolled off me an put her head in her hands, hiding her face. For fuck sake, I knew I should shut the door.

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