She had never imagined Harry being her boyfriend, they had only ever been just friends. But apparently they were more than that and she loved it.

She had been dating him for two years now and they loved each other as much as they had at the start. Until he takes her to meet the boys. And things start to happen between her and Niall


3. First sex

*Crystals pov*

I rolled off Harry and hid my face in my hands. How could we have been so stupid to not close the door.

"Uh, hi mum" Harry said, sounding awkward "how can I help you"

"Well it doesn't matter anymore, I will just leave you to it" she said walking out and closing the door. As soon as the door was shut I uncovered my face.

"Oh my god that was so embarrassing" I said, looking at Harry

"Yeah, it kinda was. But where were we" he said grinning at me and pulling me on top of him again. Our lips met and once again it sent fireworks throughout my body. Harry unclipped my bra and threw it on the ground next to us.

My hands wondered around his body until they found the elastic of his boxers. I pulled them down, letting his dick out. I broke the kiss and looked down at it, it was massive and he had a boner. I looked back up at him and grinned. He smiled back at me.

"Are you ready?" He asked, his hand on the edge of my underwear ready to pull them off. He knew I was a virgin, that was the advantage about him being my best friend, he knew everything about me.

"Yeah, I am" I said, letting him pull down my underwear. Leaving us both naked. His hand slid down between my legs exploring until he found my clit. He started rubbing, I moaned in pleasure. He started getting faster and faster until I was at my climax.

"Fuck" I screamed as I let it out and came. Harry gave me a mischievous grin and licked his fingers.

"Okay now this is going to hurt a bit" he said as lifted me up and gently placed me down on his dick. I screamed in pain as he entered me, and tears started falling down my face.

"It's okay beautiful, it will only hurt for a bit" he said kissing my forehead as he started thrusting. After about a minute the pain went away and it started to feel good. A moan escaped my lips as he started to thrust harder. I could feel my climax coming, I was about to cum. I could tell that he was nearly ready aswell.

A loud moan escaped my lips as I reached my climax. He made noises similar to mine aswell. I collapsed onto him. His dick still inside me. As I tried to catch my breath. He took his dick out and I rolled off him.

"Wow" he said looking up at the roof.

"That was amazing" I said smiling at him.

"Yeah your right it was" he said looking at me and pushing me hair behind my ear so it was out of my face. My eyes started to feel heavy and I noticed I was tired. A yawn escaped my lips.

"I'm so tired" I said leaning on his chest.

"You sleep then" he said stroking my hair as I fell asleep.

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