True Love- A new beginning

Haylee has begun a fresh start. New school new town new friends. She finds herself having a crush but she thinks nothing of it. But what is it that makes her afraid to trust people.

Please tell me what you think of the book so far and if you have any suggestions either comment them or tell them to me on kik - vanesa2342


8. scared


Haylee p.o.v

As I am walking home I see that my parents cars are not in the driveway but I don't worry because I have a key. As the front door comes into view I see someone dressed in black walk out with a garbage bag over their back.

I immediately froze as I watched him leave the front porch. Why was he there? Was he there to rob us? Hurt us?

I then noticed my mums car on the other side of the road. I looked back at the man and the bag. It looked as if it had a......body? No It can't be a body, and that's where I saw what seemed what seemed to be s lifeless hand hang from the bag.

I tried to hold back a scream but I just couldn't so I screamed. The man then turned to look at me, still holding the bag which I carrying who knows who? At that moment he turned his head and a grin appeared on his face. I felt we if I couldn't move at that point, like I was being pulled down or my feet were glued to the ground.

The man started to walk towards me. I was filled with terror, horror and fear. I felt as if he could smell it on me like I was an animal and I was his prey.

We were toe to toe, then I finally got the courage to move like I was unstuck from my position. I started to walk back while he just stood there. I started to run not looking back, I could hear him running behind me. I saw what seemed to be a bus in sight so I ran faster to try to catch it so I could stop running but the faster I ran the faster he ran as well.

I saw a croud slowly getting onto the bus, so I joined it trying to get as close too the front of the croud as I could. I felt something cold on my neck, something sharp. I began to feel week and I fell to my knees. Everything just started to fade around me, then it all went black.

The last thing I thought was Liam......

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