True Love- A new beginning

Haylee has begun a fresh start. New school new town new friends. She finds herself having a crush but she thinks nothing of it. But what is it that makes her afraid to trust people.

Please tell me what you think of the book so far and if you have any suggestions either comment them or tell them to me on kik - vanesa2342


6. Introduced


Haylee's p.o.v

As the class starts i am introduced to the class and mr brut. I share my name and then I am asked questions about myself;while I learn there names.

I was asked

-where do you come from?

-How old are you?

-is your hair natural?

-what are your hobbies? And so on...

Soon the second bell went and it seemed drama was just a class full of questions towards me.

Liam showed me to our next class ENGLISH.

As the class settles down, I learnt that we were learning about Shakespeare and that we had to act out a part if the play 'Romeo and Juliet'. We were told to choose a partner but before I could choose, Liam volunteered to be with me. I didn't mind much because I found myself crushing on him

There is still more to come. Please tell me what you think and if you want me to add anything plz tell me thx

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