True Love- A new beginning

Haylee has begun a fresh start. New school new town new friends. She finds herself having a crush but she thinks nothing of it. But what is it that makes her afraid to trust people.

Please tell me what you think of the book so far and if you have any suggestions either comment them or tell them to me on kik - vanesa2342


1. Day one

Day One

Haylee's p.o.v

"Haylee are you up? Breakfast is ready!" Mum called out to me.

"I'm coming mum just hold on." I replied as I slowly got out of bed.

Today was going to be a fresh start for me at a new college called 'THE COLLEGE OF THE ARTS'. I wasn't really that excited because of my past experiences at my other schools. We had planned to move on the holidays but we moveD earlier than expected instead.

I got dressed into some tight green skinny jeans and a white top along with a denim jacket. I grabbed my things and walked down stairs grabbed some toast before I left and headed in the direction to the school.

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