Life or Death

*This is three years after the boys from One Direction became famous.* There is a new band in town called Lovin' Life and One Direction wanted to meet them so they organized a meet and greet between bands. Turns out that One Direction and Lovin' Life have a secret that they didn't even know about. This story will possibly make you cry! Read to find out more.


20. Why Them?!

Niall's POV

I was terrified. I couldn't see my Tia any more. I was bawling my eyes out.

"Niall?" Diana asks

"Yeah?" I reply

"Went you see Tia tell her we love her deeply" she says

"W-What?" I ask

"Mate you only have an hour left to live" Harry says.

I was speechless. I was going to die. I get to see Tia again. But I wont live with my best mates. I cried even more. I just didn't want to die.

Sofia's POV

After we told Niall about Tia I had gotten a phone call. I looked at the caller ID. I saw my other best mates name.

"Hello?" me

"Hey!" Skyler

"What's up girl?" I ask

"Well I am out here in Doncaster and I thought I would visit my best friends. But Tia hasn't answered any phone calls" she says

I took a deep breath and said through tears

"Tia isn't with us any more"

"What?" she asks shocked

"She died in a car accident" I say sobbing

Harry came over to me and took my phone and says

"She cant talk at the moment" and hangs up.

He wraps his arms around me while I sobbed.

Skyler's POV

After the call was ended I just stood there in shock. After I regained my composer I quickly grabbed the car keys and headed towards their hotel. Once I got there I called Sofia.

"Hello?" Sofia

"Hey! I am outside your hotel, but I can't get in. Will you come help me?" me

"Um, sure I will send Peter to come help you" she says and hangs up.

I get out of the car and walk towards the hotel. Screaming fans had me surrounded immediately I had tried to look for Peter. Once I saw him I told him who I was and he took me inside and to their hotel rooms.

"They are on their way back from the hospital. So make your self comfortable" Peter says

I make myself comfy and wait for everyone.

~1 hour later~

When they got back I saw that they all had tear stained faces. I quickly got up and ran over to Sofia and the girls. I hugged them and they hugged back. After we pulled out of the hug I looked up to see the boys looking at me with a confused expression.

"Hi, I'm Skyler. I am Tia's best friend" I say to them.

For the next hour and a half we all cried about the death's of Niall and Tia. We cried and cried until we fell asleep in each others arms.

~Next day~

I woke up wrapped in Sofia's arms. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her back. I stayed like that for a little while longer. After a while I got up and sat up.

"Morning" Liam says to me

"G'Morning" I reply.

Louis' POV

After Harry hung up on the person we had talked to Niall. He was I so much tears.

"Why did this have to happen to us?" Diana asks through her tears.

For the next hour we all talked and said our last goodbyes. We had cried after Niall past. Harry had stopped crying enough to drive us back to the hotel. Once we got there we had made our way in through the back. We headed back up to our rooms. Once we got there I surprised to see a girl sitting there. The rest of the night was a blur the only thing I remember was I cried until I fell asleep.


Hello my lovelies! I just wanted to say that this is the last chapter of the story:(! But I am thinking about a sequel. But I am debating. Should I? Please comment your answers.

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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