Life or Death

*This is three years after the boys from One Direction became famous.* There is a new band in town called Lovin' Life and One Direction wanted to meet them so they organized a meet and greet between bands. Turns out that One Direction and Lovin' Life have a secret that they didn't even know about. This story will possibly make you cry! Read to find out more.


17. What The Hell?

Sofia's POV

After we left to go to Nando's I still felt sore. I think Harry noticed because he kept giving me a worried looks. I just smiled at him and went back to enjoying conversations.

~Back at the hotel~

Harry walked up to me and whispered in my ear

"Why do you look like your in a lot of pain?"

"Lets talk in private" I whispered back.

Me and Harry walked into my room. I shut the door and turned to Harry.

"Harry, babe I have to tell you something" I started and Harry looked worried "Harry you took my virginity. You were the first person that I had sex with."

"Oh babe, you had me worried. I thought that I was going to be a father. But I'm glad I was the one to take it away" Harry said.

I laughed at the relieved Harry. We ended up staying in the room for the rest of the time and talked until I fell asleep.

Tia's POV

I was thinking about talking to the girls about visiting my parents when we are in Doncaster. My parents, well step parents, love them. Maybe I could meet my real parents while we're at it.

"Hey Tia. We all are going to sleep night" Andrea said.

"Night" I said back.

I ended up falling asleep on the sofa thinking about well everything.

~Next day~

I woke up to someone carrying me. I opened my eyes to see my twin Louis.

"Boo put me down" I said sleepily.

"No I want to hold my sister. And I want to scare Niall. So play dead." he said and I nodded and played dead.

"Oh god! Niall get out here!" Lou yelled.

I heard eight pairs of foot steps come running towards us.

"What the hell?!" Liam exclaimed.

"I-I think t-that s-she's d-dead" Louis said fake crying I didn't move a muscle.

"What?! How?!" Niall

"I-I don't k-know" Louis

"What the f*ck happened?!" Harry

"Niall it will be alright. Shh" Liam

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Niall crying on the floor. And I saw that every one except Niall and Liam noticed I opened my eyes. I put a finger to my lips and they quickly nodded. I closed my eyes again. When I heard a sh*t ton of sobbing I said sleepily, with my eyes still closed and not moving a muscle,

"Cant a girl get any sleep here?"

"What?" Liam

"Did you hear something?" Niall

"No" Zayn

"I think you two are hearing things" Harry

I opened my eyes and shouted

"I WANT BREAKIE!" Niall and Liam's heads shot up.

"Haha, look at your faces!" Louis

~4 weeks later~

"What why?!" I screamed at Louis

"Because what if you get kidnapped!" Louis

"I wont!" me

"I'm going any way!" I yelled as I slammed the door behind me.


A/N: So what do you guys think so far??? I am sorry that I left you a cliff hanger! But what do you think that Tia and Louis were fighting about???? Leave a comment for your answers. But I am still having a contest on having some younger siblings for the girls and boys! Please enter I am in need of some characters to help out problems.

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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