Life or Death

*This is three years after the boys from One Direction became famous.* There is a new band in town called Lovin' Life and One Direction wanted to meet them so they organized a meet and greet between bands. Turns out that One Direction and Lovin' Life have a secret that they didn't even know about. This story will possibly make you cry! Read to find out more.


13. HELP ME!!!

Niall's POV

After we left we didn't take a cab or anything we ran straight to the park. Once we got there we saw a couple of people walking up to us.

"So you must really want Tia back?" he asked "Because she said that no one cared enough for her. Even though she is in a famous band. So we told her that if she kept talking we would slit one of your throats or hers."

I felt the anger build in me I had almost ran up to him knocked his lights out and possibly went to jail for murder, but Lou stopped me.

"Where is she?" Lou asked really ticked off.

"Oh you want to see her well we can't show you because if we do you could call back up. So we are going to blindfold you and tie your arms up." the man said a smug grin on his face.

They blindfolded us and tied us up. We were soon in a moving vehicle. I don't care what happens to me all I want is my sweet Tia back!

Zayn's POV

I noticed Niall and Louis were trying to sneak out. I pretended not to notice so that we could follow them for if they get into any trouble. As soon as they left I quickly said something that surprised all of the girls.

"Lads we are going to go and follow Niall and Lou. I over heard the conversation Lou and Niall had of the phone with someone!"

They nodded and followed orders.

"What about us?" Andrea asked.

"You ladies will follow us in a van but don't make it look suspicious alright." I said as I kissed her forehead. Me and the lads ran after Niall and Louis. I guess they didn't hear us behind them. When we got to the park we saw them being tied up and blindfolded. They were shoved into a car and they took off driving. The girls pulled up next to us.

"Need a ride?" Tiffany asked.

We all hoped in and we were soon following the car that took Lou and Niall. When we came to a stop outside of an abandoned warehouse I quickly took off towards the place. As soon as I was inside I heard talking.

"So Louis Tomlinson remember me?" I heard a deep accent say.

"No why would I? Now where's my sister!" I heard Lou yell.

"Oh she's safe. I just wanted to hurt you so she will be set free unless she agrees with the deal we made." the man said.

That's when it hit me. I need to go and find Tia get her out of here and then get Louis and Niall. I quickly ran all around until I found Tia.

"Tia?!" I almost screamed. She was curled up in a corner crying her eyes out.

"Zayn?" she asked hugging me tight.

"Yeah it's me love."

"Oh thank god Zayn I thought I was a going to die here" she said.

"Its okay we are leaving now" I said as I picked her up bridal-style and walked her out to the van. We drove off.

~1 hour later~

Niall and Lou come home crying so we told Tia to hide and she did. The boys soon flopped down on the couch next to us.

"What's wrong mates?" I asked trying to stifle a laugh.

"T-Tia w-was k-k-killed!" Niall and Lou yelled as they burst into uncontrollable sobs.

Everyone played along and pretended to cry with Ni and Lou. I got up quietly without a word.

"Where are you going mate?" Niall asked.

"To cry into my pillow." I said and walked to my room where Tia was hiding.

"Okay so when they fall asleep we will come out wake the others up but not Niall or Lou. Okay?" I asked and she shook her head.

~30 minutes later~

Liam walked into my room and said that Niall and Lou fell asleep.

"Okay Tia are you ready?" I asked. She simply nodded.

When we walked out Niall had his head on Lou's shoulder and Lou was sleeping on the arm of the sofa.

"Louis, Niall why didn't you save me?" she whispered trying to sound like a ghost.

"Louis, Niall why didn't you save me?" she repeated.

"Louis why did you let your sister die?" Tia.

"Niall your girlfriend died because of you and Louis" Tia.

"You two killed someone important to you!" Tia said a little louder.

"I didn't deserve to die!" she yelled this time and Niall and Lou were up right away.

They stared In shock at Tia for a good ten minutes. They looked at me and asked

"Do you see her?"

"Who?" I asked playing a little further into this.

Tia wrapped her arms around my neck. I pretended they weren't there.

"Zayn you don't see her? She is standing right next to you clinging to you" Niall said still in shock. They burst into tears again.

"Why did we let her die?!" they yelled.

"Okay I guess we could stop our little prank!" I yelled.

"W-What?" Lou asked.

"Tia is alive. See?" I asked as I kissed her cheek and gave her a hug.

"TIA!" Niall screamed as he jumped up and ran to her.

Tia was in a huge hug, well with Niall and Lou, she started to look like see needed air.

"Lads I think she needs air." I said and they pulled away from her.

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