Life or Death

*This is three years after the boys from One Direction became famous.* There is a new band in town called Lovin' Life and One Direction wanted to meet them so they organized a meet and greet between bands. Turns out that One Direction and Lovin' Life have a secret that they didn't even know about. This story will possibly make you cry! Read to find out more.


15. Are You Sure You're Ready?

Niall's POV

"Okay Tia lets go!" I said pulling on her arm, and she willingly followed me.

"Alright" she said.

As soon as we had gotten to mine and Sofia's room we locked the door. We then began to kiss passionately. We stumbled over to my bed and Tia fell on it. I was over her still kissing her. She pulled off my shirt. I pulled away from her.

"Are you sure your ready? I mean it do it?" I asked before she nodded in agreement.

I went back to kissing her and then I pulled her shirt off revealing her bra. She started pulling off my pants. I then took off her pants. I kissed all the way down her body. She left out a moan of pleasure. I then took off her bra and underwear. I took off my boxers. We went under the covers. I will leave it to you to imagine what happened next.

~Next morning~

I woke up next to the girl I just had sex with. She was waking up.

"Morning Babe" I said in my morning voice.

"Mornin' handsome" she said in her sexy morning voice.

"I'm hungry" she said and I chuckled.

"Okay but first we need to get some clothes on" I said indicating to our naked bodies.

She had put on her bra and underwear, and she put on the shirt I was wearing yesterday. It was a little big on her but she didn't care. She had put her hair up in a messy bun. I on the other hand was wearing my boxers and sweat pants. We walked out into the kitchen to see everybody was awake.

"Morning!" Tia said and everyone looked at us with smiles on their faces.

"Morning had fun last night? We heard everything." Lou said and smiled at us.

"Yes, yes we did Lou" Tia replied and Lou looked shocked that she wasn't embarrassed at all.

"Well then" Sofia started "All of us are going to the movies. So Niall, and Tia go get ready."

"Okay but first I want Bacon" Me and Tia said and earned some laughs.

We got our Bacon then we walked into our rooms and got ready. I took a quick shower. Five minutes later I stepped out and wrapped the towel around myself and got dressed. I was wearing a white shirt with black skinny jeans and some black vans. I walked out into the lounge to see a fully dressed Tia wearing:

It suited her well. And it looked comfy.

Zayn's POV

When Tia and Niall walked in I was stunned to see that they actually had sex. I thought that they were proving a point to Lou. I guess not.

"So what movie are we seeing?" Liam asked.

"We are going to see 'Alice In Wonderland'" Andrea said "But we could go and see something scary."

"How about we go and see 'Paranormal Activity 5'?" I asked.

"Yeah we should go see that one." Diana said.

"Well why don't we all go and see what ever we want?" Tia asked.

"Okay meet here after the movies!" Liam said.

~3 hours later~

We all watched our movies. We were now heading back to the hotel.

"So how did sex go last night?" Harry asked Niall. He just smiled and said

"It was fun you should try it some time"

"Oh I will" Harry said and winked at Sofia.

Sofia's POV

As soon as we were at the hotel I said my goodnights and dragged Harry to mine and Niall's room. I started to kiss him passionately he kisses back. He pulled off my shirt and skirt. I pulled off his shirt and pants as well. He pulled off his boxers and I took off my bra and underwear. We went under the covers. Harry inserted himself inside me. I let out a moan of pleasure and dug my nails into his back and he went on. You know what happens next.

~Next day~

I woke up sore. Harry took my virginity. Okay I was hoping he would be a little gentler but oh well it's over now. I quietly got up as to wake up Harry. I pulled on my bra and underwear and Harry's shirt. I walked out into the lounge and sat next to Tia who was the only one awake. Tia looked at me wide eyed.

"So did he take it?" she asked.

"Yes he did" I said a little proudly.

"What did who take?" Niall asked as he walked out of the kitchen.

"Harry took her virginity" Tia said, I am not even the least bit embarrassed.

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